Does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Have Anti-Tamper Tech Denuvo

The answer is upsetting Jedi players.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel game to Fallen Order and it has many people wondering, will it have Denuvo? For those who might not know what Denuvo is, it is an anti-cheat or anti-temper software, which enables players from being able to tempter with, cheat, or mod the game. The program also helps prevent the game from being pirated as well.

Does Jedi: Survivor Use Denuvo?

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Yes, Jedi: Survivor does likely use Denuvo, this will render any players from cheating during gameplay. However, this can also cause issues with the game’s performance which could cause the game to crash on PC. But something to note is, EA has used Denuvo in the past, and there haven’t been any issues with those games running poorly on PC or other consoles. Dead Island 2, which was released just a week before Jedi: Survivor, is also using it and has also not faced issues.

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Nevertheless, the issues that Jedi: Survivors is facing on both PC and PS5 could very well be connected to this software. It is a very controversial topic as many gamers believe it takes away from the game’s experience. While Denuvo has been used as an anti-tamper software on many games in the past, many people are discussing if this is what is causing the game to choke up.

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People have discovered that Jedi: Survivor has Denuvo by looking at the size of the game’s files. As of the time of writing, Survivor’s executable is about 320 MB, which is large enough that many believe the DRM is included. So yes, Jedi: Survivor most likely does run with Denuvo and many think this could be the reason the game isn’t performing as well as it should be.