Does Stranded Deep have an ending?

Can you escape this watery hell?

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep you are playing the part of a castaway who has survived a plane crash but finds themselves stranded in the pacific ocean. You will need to explore, search for food, craft tools you need to survive and try your best not to get eaten by sharks.

The game employs many staples of the survival genre including mechanics like thirst, hunger, and even heatstroke. You might be wondering if the game has an officially ending, or if it is just about trying to live for as long as possible before the cold specter of death eventually comes for you.

The answer is that it actually does have an official ending and a means of escape from your perilous life. There is an island that you can get to after many hours of play that houses an old hangar. Inside you will find an airplane that you can eventually fix up and use to fly off the island.

There are some interesting spoilery things that you might want to know about that ending, so if all you needed was to know that it exists, you should stop reading now.

Spoilers Ahead

After you fix up the plan and start to fly away from the island, the screen will go all black, then cut to three hours later, as you are making your approach to a larger island. It will feel like freedom is near when a jet will come screaming out of nowhere and smash into your plane. Your play is destroyed, and you are killed. The game then cuts to the jet and the intro to the game is playing, and you are now the next survivor.

Like a strange episode of Lost, your own escape from the island has doomed you to return to the same hell again.