Does Stranded Deep have an ending?

Can you escape this watery hell?


Image via Beam Team Games

Most of the time, when you are playing a survival game, you are essentially given the never-ending task of living. Do whatever you can to survive, and along the way, you will become more acclimated to the environment and more adept at performing various functions. Stranded Deep appears to be this way, with players being cast away in the middle of the ocean, with only various islands to go to. Is there actually an ending to Stranded Deep?

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Can you end the story in Stranded Deep?

It may seem like the perfect game to have no ending and just perpetually go until you die, but Stranded Deep does have a canonical ending. While you are scavenging for ways to survive and better yourself, you can come across a broken-down plane on one of the game’s islands. You can repair it by defeating three boss creatures and getting blueprints to fix it up.

Spoilers for the ending of Stranded Deep Ahead.

After you have fixed the plane, you can get inside it and start it up. When it takes off, the ending cutscene begins, and it gets pretty Lost from here. After a few hours of flying, your character is flying through the night sky, and out of nowhere, they crash into a plane. Your perspective is then switched to the inside of that plane, where a passenger is dealing with the same exact situation you had when you started the game.

So, what does this mean? There are a couple of theories. One is that you are stuck in limbo, and you actually died on the plane and are forced to relive your fight for survival forever. Another possible conclusion is that you were dreaming about the game’s events and wake up to your plane crashing. It’s pretty open to anyone’s interpretation and doesn’t really have any concrete meaning.