Does Super Mario 3D World have multiplayer and co-op?

A new Super Mario experience.

Image via Nintendo

Super Mario 3D World will be a blend of traditional gameplay with several modern twists. In the adventure, you’ll be attempting to make it to the end of each course and hit the goalpost to make it to the next world, where you’ll be swapping between 2D sidescrolling and having a top-down perspective as you traverse various puzzles on a course. With a modern Super Mario game coming to the Nintendo Switch, will you be able to play with your friends?

You and your friends will be able to work together to complete courses in Super Mario 3D world. You’ll be able to play with each other online and in a local co-op setting. The game supports up to four players jumping into the adventure together. You and your friends can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad, and they all have the same powers, capable of becoming cat versions of themselves.

While each of the characters has access to the same powers, each of them has slightly different talents. Mario is the generalist character who can conquer any course and works with any player. Princess Peach has the ability to hover for a few seconds in the air as she falls from a jump, making her effective at capturing tough-to-reach challenges. Toad is a quick one, capable of dashing through challenging courses. Luigi is capable of using his long legs to nail high jumps, being able to find alternative routes that others wouldn’t be able to reach.

Each of these minor talents will make the characters good at different courses, and you may want to use a certain one while visit a specific world to access certain challenges and secrets. The multiplayer mode in Super Mario 3D World features cooperative and competitive play, so you can switch between working together with your friends or seeing who has the highest score at the end of a course.

Because Super Mario 3D World will have online play, you will need to have access to a Nintendo Online Membership. This counts for all devices attempting to connect and play.