Does Tears of the Kingdom Have Amiibo Support?

The Legend of Zelda fans can look forward to the return of amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom, with new figures planned for the future.

ToK Amiibo

Image via Nintendo

Amiibos are collectible figures that can unlock various bonuses in Nintendo games. The small figurines depict several fan-favorite characters from different games and are just as beautiful on collector shelves as they are useful for gameplay.

Breath of the Wild amiibos have been particularly sought after over the years, as they could give access to exclusive items, weapons, and outfits in the world of Hyrule upon scanning. With how useful they were in the previous Zelda installment, players would expect the upcoming “Tears of the Kingdom” release to include amiibo support. Let’s see if that’s the case.

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Are there any Tears of the Kingdom amiibo?

ToK Amiibo
Image via Nintendo

In the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, the Zelda segment confirmed amiibo functionality will be present on the release day of Tears of the Kingdom. Additionally, a fresh-out-of-the-oven “Tears of the Kingdom” Link amiibo will also release on May 12th, coinciding with the game’s launch.

It has also been confirmed that amiibo support in Tears of the Kingdom will be similar to what was seen in Breath of the Wild. This means that scanning amiibos will grant exclusive items and other features, depending on the amiibo used.

Some rewards you can expect from amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom include exclusive weapons, materials, and even Paraglider Fabric, which will allow you to customize Link’s Paraglider. To get the most out of your game, you should consider getting your hands on some amiibos.

How to use amiiibo in Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock the power of amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll probably have to follow the same steps as in Breath of the Wild. Navigate to the options menu, select “Use amiibo,” and then whip out Link’s amiibo rune to trigger the amiibo’s effects. Although this process hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, so stay tuned for more details after the game’s launch. 

Just like in Breath of the Wild, amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom are expected to have a daily limit. Hopefully, more information will be made available when the new Link amiibo releases in May.