Does World War Z on Nintendo Switch have local co-op?

It’s a miracle this game runs on Switch. Don’t expect much.

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Image by Saber Interactive

World War Z has made its way to Nintendo Switch and allows you to fight against giant hordes of undead on the go. The game is a cooperative shooter set in the universe of World War Z, so go in expect floods of enemies constantly coming at you. On this journey, you will need some allies, which will come in the way of your team of four. That being said, the Nintendo Switch was made to be a social gaming console to support multiple controllers and people playing it, even in handheld mode. Is there local co-op support in the Switch version of World War Z?

Unfortunately for anyone looking to play World War Z on their Switch with a friend, there is no local co-op support for the game, either splitscreen or local wireless. To play the game with a friend, you will need to have two Switchs connected to the internet and then join a party together.

While some people may be let down that their Switch can not locally play World War Z together, it is not that surprising. World War Z is a very demanding game for the Switch to run in the first place. If it had to allocate more power to having two players controlled on a single console, there would probably be some significant downgrades to the frame rate and general experience.