Does Worms Rumble support local multiplayer or couch co-op?

Future updates may hold the key.

Image via Team17

There’s no doubt Worms Rumble made it in the nick of time to be considered one of the most addicting multiplayer games of the year. Although the game is a departure from the turn-based 2D gameplay fans are used to, many are wondering if it at least continues the franchise’s legacy of carrying local multiplayer.

Is Worms Rumble online only?

Currently, yes, Worms Rumble only supports online multiplayer, but it does allow for crossplay. Thus, if your “player two” owns a PC, PS4, or PS5, you can befriend them and join their lobby in just a few steps. The feature will let your friends be on the same team as you in any available game modes. Unfortunately, you cannot create a private server that allows just the two of you to go against each other. 

Will couch co-op be added in a future update?

Developer Team17 has been oddly secretive about what could come to Worms Rumble in upcoming patches, aside for cosmetics. In July, the game’s first press release only mentioned future “content updates,” but now Team17’s site specifically states that new “game modes and more” are on their way. 

As the game has already released its first patch, hopefully, it won’t be long until we get a better idea of what these possible game modes might be. In the meantime, the developer does interact with the game’s open forum on Steam, with many players already taking to it to request a co-op feature.