Dr. Mario World Error Codes 0009 Explained | What is it? And how do you fix it?

Dr. Mario World has only been out for a few short hours but already contains Error Codes.

Of those codes currently in the wild, numbers 0003, 0007, and, 0009 are the most infamous. These errors cause fan’s games to crash or stop midway during their free-to-play experience.

Here, we are going to talk about the most common one, Error Code 0009. The error happens when players’ mobile fails to connect to the internet or Nintendo’s servers while playing. It commonly occurs when a player puts their phone into a sleep state and reloads the app, or the phone has general online issues.

As such, there is not much that can happen for a “fix,” as there’s no workaround for a connection problem. It could also be due to a problem on Nintendo’s side. All we can advise players to do is wait and stick with it. Because Dr. Mario World is a new game, issues are going to occur, especially when developers ask players to always remain online while playing the game in the first place.

Of course, if we do find a fix for the issue or if the problem turns out to be something entirely different, we will update this page all on potential fixes as soon as possible.

As such, keep an eye out and work with the community to find fixes for the issues that even Nintendo doesn’t have the answers or support for at this time.