Dragon Quest Builders 2 – All Set Recipes


In Dragon Quest Builders 2, sets are an essential part of building certain rooms. You will need sets to complete some of the rooms, so in this article, we have listed all the sets, the things you need to make them, and any specific rules that apply to make the game recognize the set. This usually boils down to the placement of the items in relation to each other.

Huge thanks to Kirk McKeand and the VG247 site, upon who’s list this is based.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Set Recipes

  • Buffet: one big table, one crockpot, one crockery – crockery and crockpot must be placed on top of the table.
  • Card Table: one playing cards, any table, any two chairs – chairs next to the table, and cards placed on the table.
  • Cocktail Counter: one bar counter, any four chairs, one cocktail shaker – chairs must be placed next to the counter.
  • Darty Party: three dartboards – dartboards must be placed on the wall.
  • Dining Table: any one table, any one chair, any one decorative food – food must be placed on the table.
  • Fiery Frying Pan: one frying pan, a bonfire – pan must be placed on top of the bonfire.
  • Medication Station: any chair, one first aid kit, one crate – no special rules for this set.
  • Playable Piano: grand piano, any one chair – chair must be placed next to the piano.
  • Pool: ten pure water, one ladder – ladder must be submerged in the water.
  • Potted Flower: one plant pot, any one flower – flower must be on the plant pot.
  • Simple Sippers’ Set: any table, any chair, any decorative food – food must be placed on the table.
  • Slime Stack: any three stackable slimes – slimes must be stacked.
  • Social Sippers’ Set: any four chairs, any large table, any four decorative food – chairs must be beside the table, food must be on the table.
  • Station: any track, a stop sign – stop sign must be placed next to the track.
  • Tree Swing: any tree, a swing – swing must be attached to the tree.