Dredge: How to catch all fish

There are numerous fish for you to find while exploring every edge of Dredge, and you want to catch them all while playing.

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Dredge is at its core a fishing game, but there are horror elements that you’ll learn about as you continue to dive deeper into the main gameplay. While this is happening, there are multiple types of fish that you can catch while exploring.

These fish appear in different locations throughout the map, and tracking them down can be a challenge. It’s also important to note you’ll need specific fishing rods whenever attempting to catch them. This guide covers how to catch all the varieties of fish and where to find them in Dredge.

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How to catch every fish in Dredge, and where to find them

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Every fish you catch in Dredge comes with a list of requirements you’ll need to meet before you find them. You need to make sure you’re in the correct area, you’re using the proper rod, the time of day, and what type of equipment you’re using, such as a rod, a net, or a crab pot.

You will need to explore the various regions scattered throughout Dredge, each rich with fish, so long as you have the proper equipment on your vessel.

All Devil’s Spin fish locations in Dredge

These are all the fish you can find while exploring the Devil’s Spin, the northeast region in Dredge. Make sure to bring plenty of heat protection while exploring this area.

Fish NameHabitat/Fishing EquipmentTime of Day
Armor SearobinShallow, RodDay
CoelacanthAbyssal, RodDay and Night
Cusk EelVolcanic, RodNight
Defaced SkateVolcanic, RodDay
Frilled SharkVolcanic, RodDay
Ghost SharkAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Infernal EelVolcanic, RodNight
Ossified SearobinShallow, RodNight
Pale SkateVolcanic, RodDay
Rapt SharkAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Serpentine MackerelCoastal, RodDay or Night
Snake MackerelCoastal, RodDay or Night
Spider CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Squat LobsterCrab PotDay or Night
Twisted SharkVolcanic, RodDay or Night
Volcano SnailCrab PotDay or Night

All Gale Cliffs fish locations in Dredge

These are all the fish you can find while exploring the Gale Cliffs in Dredge. This location is in the southwest part of the game, typically where you go after the starting location.

Fish NameHabitat/Fishing EquipmentTime of Day
Bearded MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Black Sea BassCoastal, RodNight
Blackmouth SalmonCoastal, RodDay or Night
Bony WreckfishShallow, RodDay
Conger EelShallow, RodDay
Decaying SalmonCoastal, RodDay
Decorator CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Devil RayOceanic, RodNight
Flayed MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Gelatinous StonefishShallow, RodDay
Gnashing PerchCoastal, RodDay
OarfishAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Oceanic PerchCoastal, RodDay
Rock CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Scouring BassCoastal, RodNight
Shattered WreckfishShallow, RodDay
Sprouting EelShallow, RodNight
StonefishShallow, RodDay or Night
SturgeonOceanic, RodDay
Tiger MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Translucent SturgeonOceanic, RodDay
Withered RayOceanic, RodNight
WreckfishShallow, RodDay

All Ocean fish locations in Dredge

These are the fish that you can find while exploring the open ocean of Dredge. These will appear between the various regions, so you can track them down while bouncing between the larger locations in the game.

Fish NameHabitat/Fishing EquipmentTime of Day
AnchovyOceanic, Trawl NetDay or Night
Anchovy KingOceanic, Trawl NetDay or Night
Blackfin TunaOceanic, RodDay or Night
Charred SunfishOceanic, RodDay or Night
Collapsed ViperfishAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Congealed RattailHadal, RodDay or Night
Decrepit ViperfishAbyssal, RodDay or Night
MoonfishOceanic, RodNight
Ocean SunfishOceanic, RodDay
RattailHadal, RodDay or Night
Razormouth TunaOceanic, RodDay or Night
Scarlet PrawnOceanic, Crab PotDay or Night
Skeletal MoonfishOceanic, RodNight
ViperfishAbyssal, RodDay or Night

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All Stellar Basin fish locations in Dredge

The Stellar Basin is a location you can find in the southwest region of the map. There are multiple fish you’ll need to track down in this area while playing Dredge.

Fish NameHabitat/Fishing EquipmentTime of Day
AnglerfishAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Aurora JellyfishCoastal, Trawl NetNight
BarracudaShallow, RodDay
BarreleyeAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Blood SnapperCoastal, RodDay
Blue CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Bursting AnglerfishAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Calcified SnailfishHadal, RodDay or Night
Coral GrouperShallow, RodDay
Crown of ThornsCrab PotDay
Cursed FangtoothAbyssal, RodDay or Night
FangtoothAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Firefly SquidCoastal, RodNight
Gazing SharkOceanic, RodDay or Night
Giant AmphipodHadal, RodDay or Night
Glowing OctopusShallow, RodNight
Gulper EelHadal, RodDay or Night
Hammerhead SharkOceanic, RodDay or Night
LoosejawAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Medusa OctopusShallow, RodNight
Parhelion JellyfishCoastal, Trawl NetNight
Perished LoosejawAbyssal, RodDay or Night
Radiant SquidCoastal, RodNight
Red SnapperCoastal, RodDay
Ruptured VesselHadal, RodDay or Night
Savage BarracudaShallow, RodDay
SnailfishHadal, RodDay or Night
Spiny LobsterCrab PotDay or Night
VoideyeAbyssal, RodDay or Night

All The Marrows fish locations in Dredge

The Marrows is the central location and is where everyone starts when they play Dredge. Despite it being the starting area, there are plenty of fish for you to track down and add to your records.

Fish NameHabitat/Fishing EquipmentTime of Day
All-Seeing CodCoastal, RodDay
Arrow SquidCoastal, RodNight
Barbed EelShallow, RodDay
Black GrouperShallow, RodNight
Blacktip Reef SharkOceanic, RodNight
Bloodskin SharkOceanic, RodDay
Blue MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Bronze WhalerOceanic, RodDay
Brood SquidCoastal, RodNight
Cleft-Mouth SharkOceanic, RodNight
CodCoastal, RodDay
Common CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Cyclopean FlounderShallow, RodDay
Fanged CodCoastal, RodDay
Fiddler CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Grey EelShallow, RodDay or Night
Grotesque MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Gulf FlounderShallow, RodDay
Host EelShallow, RodDay
Lumpy MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Many-Eyed MackerelCoastal, RodDay
Riddled FlounderShallow, RodDay
SailfishOceanic, RodDay
Sallow SailfishOceanic, RodDay
Shard RayShallow, RodDay or Night
Snag SquidCoastal, RodNight
StingrayShallow, RodDay or Night
Three-Headed CodCoastal, RodDay
Tusked GrouperShallow, RodNight
Voltaic GrouperShallow, RodNight

All Twisted Strand fish locations in Dredge

The Twisted Strand is one of the more dangerous locations you can visit while playing Dredge. You can find it in the northwest region of the map, and there are several unique fish for you to catch.

Fish NameHabitat/Fishing EquipmentTime of Day
Blistered TarponShallow, RodDay or Night
CatfishMangrove, RodNight
Clawfin GarMangrove, RodDay
Entwined MulletCoastal, RodDay or Night
GarMangrove, RodDay
Giant Mud CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Goliath TigerfishMangrove, RodDay or Night
Grey MulletCoastal, RodDay or Night
Horseshoe CrabCrab PotDay or Night
Longfin EelMangrove, RodNight
Nightwing CatfishMangrove, RodNight
Sergeant FishMangrove, RodDay
TarponShallow, RodDay or Night
Twinned EelsMangrove, RodNight
Vortex InterloperMangrove, RodDay