Dredge Full Walkthrough

Unearth the secrets of Dredge, and explore these dangerous seas while catching fish and trying to survive.


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Dredge is an ideal combination of horror and casual fishing to sate any players eager to dive into the unknown of a large ocean, developed by Black Salt Games. There are multiple quests and side stories for you to complete as you progress through the story, with the primary focus being where you catch and sell fish.

You’ll be carefully balancing the various upgrades of your small ship, managing your limited inventory, and avoiding the many dangers lurking underneath the ocean’s depths. This guide will give you a thorough walkthrough of Dredge and what to expect when you dive into the game.

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How Much Does Dredge Cost?

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You can pick up Dredge on multiple platforms, giving you plenty of options for how you wish to play it. Dredge is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC. You purchase it across all these platforms for $24.99, but the final price may vary based on your region.

Dredge Guides & Tips

The primary gameplay cycle of Dredge revolves around you exploring the ocean, catching fish, selling them at any of the ports on the islands, and purchasing upgrades for your vessel. You’ll have the chance to do this during the day, but it becomes more dangerous at night, and when you choose not to sleep, increasing your character’s overall panic level and hallucinations.

The primary story is progressed by locating the five Relics that you need to find for the Collector, a mysterious character you meet shortly after finding your first abnormal fish and completing the Grotesque Fish quest. These five Relics are scattered throughout the many islands.

Along the way, there are several side quests you’ll have the chance to complete. These are the side quests you can expect to encounter while playing Dredge.

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