Where to find all Relics in Dredge

Collect them all to learn the truth.


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The core story in Dredge revolves around finding six Relics and returning them to The Collector near Greater Marrow; however, they’re challenging to find. This guide outlines where you can find all six of the Relics The Collector needs, so you can gain power, knowledge, and inch closer to some sort of truth.

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How to find every Relic in Dredge

Below, we’ve listed every Relic in Dredge and where you find it. If you’re stuck, scroll down to find the Relic you seek and see how you obtain it.

How to find the Key Relic

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The Ornate Key Relic is located around the back of Greater Marrow. You can dredge for it at night, when the bright red light shines out of the ocean, once you’ve helped out the people of Greater Marrow and have caught your first Exotic fish. This will trigger a meeting with The Collector, and that will allow you to get this Relic. Return it to The Collector to have the next Relic’s general location marked on your map.

Where to find the Rusted Music Box Relic

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The second Relic you’ll be collecting is the Rusted Music Box. This Relic is located to the southeast of Greater Marrow in Gale Cliffs. You’ll get a red X on your map from The Collector to show you where to go.

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This Relic is stuck behind a row of rocks, and you won’t have the ability to get at it when you arrive. Instead, dock at the few locations you can and chat with the locals. You need to find the Hermit to get a Pursuit to find a family crest. Once you’ve acquired the family crest and returned it to the Whaler, you’ll gain access to a new item, Packed Explosives, that allows you to blow up small obstacles. Use a Packed Explosive on the wall of rocks, then dredge for the Rusted Music Box Relic.

Where to find the Jewel Encrusted Band Relic

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To get the Jewel Encrusted Band Relic, you must return the above Relics to The Collector before you get a map marker that will send you to Stellar Basin in the southwest of the map. There’s a large creature guarding the Relic in the region’s center, so you’ll need to instead visit the Researcher at her outpost on the island to the left of Stellar Basin.

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The Researcher asks you to find three specific types of fishing in the area. You’ll need to upgrade your equipment so you can catch Abyssal and Hadal fish. You’ll also need a Trawling Net to get one of the specimens the Researcher needs. Then, she’ll ask you to visit a nearby station to grab some Prototype Parts.

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Return the parts to the Researcher, and she’ll give you an odd sort of engine. You can use this at the station in the Generator to create a light that makes the creature in the center of Stellar Basin sink into the sea for a short time. Use this time to dredge up the Jewel Encrusted Band Relic and return it to The Collector.

Where to find the Necklace Relic

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The Necklace Relic is located in the Twisted Strand region on the map’s top right-hand side. When you arrive, you’ll need to sail through eh Mangroves until you find the Airman. This guy has been stranded here for years, and he’s lost everything. He’ll give you a quest to find parts for a mortar, then ask you for specific fish to make bait for the monsters lurking in this area. You’ll need rods with the ability to fish in Mangrove waters to accomplish this.

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After you’ve got the bait, you can visit the traps around Twisted Strand to lure the monsters in and kill them. When you see these creatures on your travels, you should pause and wait for them to submerge again. Once they’re all dead, go back to the Airman, and he’ll give you the Necklace Relic as if it were nothing.

Where to find the Pocket Watch Relic

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The last Relic you need to find is the Pocket Watch. This is located in the Devil’s Spin region, a volcanic area that’s got a big fish problem. There’s a giant redfish that will hunt you down if it sees you, and the smaller redfish that hound you when they see you attract it. To get the Relic, you need to speak to the Fanatic on the island with three statues.

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The Fanatic asks you to find three Fathomless Flames around the region. These require you to sacrifice specific fish before you can collect the objects you need. When you return the Fathomless Flames to the Fanatic, the quest will complete one way or another, and you’ll get the Pocket Watch Relic.

With this last Relic in hand, you can return to The Collector and access one of Dredge’s endings. There’s another one you can get if you’ve found the right NPC at this point, but you’ll need to play the game to discover who that is and how to get that ending.