EA Sports FC 24 Evolution Cards Explained — How To Evolve Cards & Best Evolutions To Use

Evolution Cards in EA Sports FC 24 — Boost Your Squad Performance by learning how to evolve cards and which upgrades to prioritize.


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It’s the dawn of a new era for the game that used to be called FIFA. Now renamed to EA FC 24, Ultimate Team is back. One of the new additions is the introduction of evolution cards. This guide will go over how to use them, what upgrades are available, and the ones to focus on as you start your journey.

How to Evolve Cards in EA Sports FC 24

One of the innovative things about Evolution in EA FC 24 is that any card can be evolved; it simply has to meet the requirements. To get to the Evolutions menu, navigate to the Club menu, then go to the Evolutions menu, and you can browse the available evolutions. One of the most important things to note is that all of the evolutions available at launch require you to play and sometimes win Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty.

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It’s a good idea to make sure you’re trying to evolve as many cards as possible all at once because you can only play so many Squad Battles per week. The good news is that if you run out, you can also play online Rivals or Champions matches. It’s also important to understand that evolutions will expire eventually. So, make sure to keep an eye on the timers. Each challenge also has multiple levels and sometimes extra gameplay requirements.

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Which Evolutions to Use in EA Sports FC 24?

While ideally, you would do every evolution in EA Sports FC 24, creating a game plan for which ones to tackle first is essential. Golden Glow Up is an absolute must, as it takes a bronze card and boosts it up to an 80 OVR. You need a Center Midfielder in order to complete the challenge. Any CM will work as long as it is below 65 OVR.

The Relentless Winger Evolution sadly has a paywall attached to it. You need 50,000 coins or 1000 FUT points to unlock the quest, which will give the player the Relentless playstyle, which will give you a considerable edge. This challenge also has more intense requirements, requiring you to score eight goals before you get the full upgrade. You need a card marked as a Left Winger or Left Midfielder below 79 OVR to start the challenge.