Earworm Squasher achievement/trophy guide in Life is Strange: True Colors

We all have that song we always go back to.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Life is Strange: True Colors has some very easy achievements or trophies to help boost your Gamerscore or trophy count, but some can be easily missed. The achievement called Earworm Squasher will need to be taken care of right away at the beginning of chapter three, Monster or Mortal. Here is how to do it.

For this achievement/trophy, you need to play a particular song on the jukebox for a student in the bar. First, walk over to her. She is sitting in a booth behind Ryan and Steph. Use your powers on her, and you’ll see she is sad the bar never plays a particular song anymore. She will sing the lyrics.

Go to Jed near the front door and select Song. He will tell you all of the songs are inside the jukebox already. However, the second song very clearly is not.

Walk to Ryan and Steph and choose the option Song, and they will tell you the song is called “Alabaster Daydreams” and that Jed used to love the song, but Gabe played it so much he ended up hating it and took it out.

Go back to Jed and choose Song again. Now Alex will ask him about the song, and he will begrudgingly tell you that it is somewhere behind the bar. To find it, walk to the computer on the left side of the bar counter and pick it up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Go to the jukebox to automatically put it back in and play the song to get the achievement/trophy to pop. If you go to the student now, she will be happy.