Escape From Tarkov Factory Guide

What you need to know to survive Tarkov’s favorite PvP map.

Escape From Tarkov

Factory is a pretty simple map really popular for its PvP gameplay. To be successful on this map you need to have an aggressive mindset. Having a few friends to team up with helps too. This is a small map with lots of enclosed spaces. Only six PMC players are able to spawn in per instance. Because of the player limit and the enclosed nature of the map, PvP can be very intense and chaotic. Unfortunately, if you are playing alone it is entirely possible to spawn in against a team of five co-op players. Conversely, it is also possible to spawn in with your own squad of five to farm scavs. Just make sure the one other player doesn’t kill your entire team first. If you are determined to play on this map solo, do not bring your best gear as you will inevitably lose it. It is important to note that even though there is a limit on PMC players, scav players can still spawn in even if that limit has been reached.

General Layout

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Factory is a completely enclosed manufacturing facility. The map as a whole is very close quarters and doesn’t have any good areas for sniping. Most of the combat will be mid to close-range. You should definitely bring grenades, both frag, and stun, to take full advantage of the claustrophobic areas of the map. You should also consider bringing a good rifle or SMG with balanced ammo like 7.62×39 BP or 5.56×45 M855A1 rounds. You should also pick head and body armor that can handle some damage from a similar loadout.

This map is unique because while it is small it has a lot of different levels to explore. It features numerous tunnels running beneath the main factory floor and a few upper levels that have decent loot and grants a good line of sight for the level. The tunnels can be used for quickly navigating across the map or setting up ambushes and escaping gun battles. The offices and upper floors are great for scouting the map and spotting other player but they often don’t have a lot of cover.

The map is pretty well divided into three sections. The northern section has two long tanks commonly called boilers by the players. The northern section also has the cellars and gate 3 extraction points. The central section is in the center of the map where the pit and the majority of the railway is located. The center section tends to be very busy throughout the raid so sticking around for any longer than you have to generally isn’t a good idea. The southern section has a bunch of blue shipping containers and a small green wall separating it from the central section with a walkway running along it. The wall with the walkway is commonly called the stage by players. The southern section is also the location of the gate 0 extraction point, weapon crates, and armor spawn.

There are several doors on this map that can only be opened by breaching them. You should try to avoid breaching a door if you can as it will broadcast your location to everyone nearby.

Points of Interest

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Factory has a large tunnel system running underneath it. Some of the spawns are located in the tunnels making them high traffic areas early into raids. Most experienced players have the spawn points for this map memorized and will target the tunnel spawn points as quickly as possible. If you spawn in the tunnels there is a very good chance you will have other players spawning on either side of you, if you have a decent loadout you can try charging them or hunkering down and fighting it out but it is usually better to bug out and onto the main factory floor before you get swept up in a firefight.

Tunnel entrances can be found in each section of the map. In the northern section, there are two entrances near the eastern wall. Inside the wall in the north corner of the forklift room is a stairwell that goes down into the tunnels. The same stairwell has the cellars extract right behind it. Facing the eastern wall there is a ramp down into the tunnels to the right. This set of tunnels will dump you out into the lower area of the pit.

In the central section, there is a tunnel entrance at the southern end of the railway. This tunnel leads under the eastern wall of the southern section. It will dump you out inside the loading dock for the gate 0 extract, or underneath the stage in the southern section.


An upper catwalk runs along the outside of each of the boundary walls of the map and over the boilers, tanks, and along many of the central rafters. There are stairways that access this area found all over the map and it can grant you some great vantage points for some mid-range marksmanship. The big problem with the catwalks is there is hardly any cover. On the catwalk over the tanks in the central section of the map is another small tank that can be used as cover but only temporarily as players can still fire at you from directly below.

There is a wrecked hallway attached to the catwalk just north of the tanks that can be used as cover, but it is also the ideal place to chuck grenades. If you see someone heading towards the hallway try lobbing a grenade in through one of the open windows to catch them off guard. If you are in the hallway being shot at, sprint to the end because it drops out into the offices and the northern section of the map on the other side.


Osiris: New Dawn
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This area is pretty hard to miss as it is made up of three huge tanks smack in the middle of the center section of the map. The pit is made up of three tall tanks with a pit surrounding them. The pit doubles as an entrance to the tunnels. If you head down the stairs into the pit you will find tunnel entrances on the southwestern and northeastern walls. The connect the tunnels to the other two sections of the map. Dropping down into the pit can be a good way to escape from a firefight but you will probably take some damage on the way down.

Some players will camp on the catwalks above the pit to pick off players leaving the offices through the hallway on the second level. At times they will also use the catwalks to camp on top of the tanks in the pit.


In the central section next to the pit is a railway that runs the length of the map. On the southern end of it is a ramp leading down into the tunnels. If you follow the rails north you will run into a barrier made of some fencing and some barbed wire. You can hop over the barbed wire but will take a little damage. If you follow the rails north into the northern section you will have the boilers on your right and the gate 3 extract on your left.


The offices share walls with each section of the map. Entrances can be found on the northern end of the southern section, the northwestern end of the central section, and the southwestern end of the northern section. If you enter from the central section near the pit and the railway you will find a weapon crate on the stairs leading up to the second floor. Be careful when moving between floors as some players will try hiding in the stairwells.

The second floor is taken up almost entirely by a locker room with an adjoining bathroom. If you enter the locker room from the northern door you can find medicine in the bottom of a locker just to your right. If you search the lockers along the northern wall you can find the west 306 key needed for a quest on Shoreline. The key is in the bottom of a locker near the middle of the wall. On the southern side of the floor in the adjoining bathroom, you can find guns and ammo spawns in the lockers against the southern wall.

On the top floor is a hallway with a stairwell on each end. The southern side of the hallway has a hole in the wall overlooking the stage. The shelves in the hallway can have some rare loot spawn such as bitcoins. Inside the large room with the office window extraction are some filing cabinets that can be looted. Armor can also spawn on top of the filing cabinets. Under the desk in the corner near the extraction is a safe that a lot of players try to run straight to during a hatchet run. North of the room with the scav extraction and safe is a breachable door. There isn’t a lot in the room aside from some ammo but it is needed for quests later in the game. South of the breachable door is a white door that cannot be breached or opened normally. You need the factory exit key to enter its room which is great for looting. The room can have car batteries, a weapon spawn, and some other decent loot. The locked room is also used for a quest later in the game.


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The boilers are on the northern end of the map. They are two tanks right in the middle of the northern section. If you are facing the boilers from the southern wall the gate 3 extraction and the railway will be on your left and there will be a pumping station on your right. The boilers themselves aren’t super significant in terms of loot but are a great reference point on the map. The boilers can also provide some decent cover in a firefight if you need to escape. The main thing to watch out for around the boilers is campers potentially hiding out near the gate 3 exit hoping to pick off people trying to leave.

Pumping station

The pumping station is in the northern section of the map across from the engine for the boilers and directly southeast of the boilers. The room is locked and requires a door key to be opened. The key can be found in jackets and in the pockets and bags of scavs. It also spawns on a bench in the locker room. The bench is in a small area between the locker room and the bathroom up against a wall.

The pumping station can have gas analyzers but it is best used to farm bleach for therapist quests.


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This map is great for scav farming, especially if you are in a squad. This map can spawn both standard scavs and the more advanced scav raiders. The scavs on this map typically spawn in and roam around for about 15 minutes.

There is a small fenced-in area just north of the pit and against the eastern wall of the section. This fenced-in area is one of the most common spawn points for scavs and scav players. There isn’t a lot of loot in the scav spawn area so there isn’t really much point in fighting through them to get to it.

Scavs will also spawn pretty frequently in the tunnels. If you are heading into the tunnels to escape a player or to move about the map be sure to stay aware of your surroundings. It is very easy to run up on a scav by accident when trying to get away from a firefight or sneak up on someone else.


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There is plenty of loot to be found on this map but it can be difficult to get away with any due to the PvP focus. There is a lot of loose loot in the offices but the best loot will be found in the crates, jackets, weapon boxes, and armor spawns. There are green loot crates all over the map to be looted. These crates typically have ammo, weapon mods, and some miscellaneous loot. On occasion, they can have small weapons like pistols and grenades.

On the northern side of the southern section of the map is an open blue shipping container with a crate and some pallets inside. Sometimes chest armor can spawn inside of the container on the pallets or on the crate. In the southern section, almost in the middle of the area, is a weapon crate just across from the stairs leading down into the tunnel. There is another weapon crate on the stage on top of a stack of other non-lootable crates.

If you follow the rails south towards the tunnel but head around to the left of the tunnel entrance you will find a room under a stairway. Inside the room and immediately on your left is a dead scav that you need to loot for the Postman Pat quest given by Prapor. If you go through the offices and out the door a backpack often spawns immediately to the left near a pile of debris

Factory exit key

This key is extremely useful on this map. It unlocks an extra room in the factory that you can enter to complete an optional objective in the “Bad rep evidence” quest for Prapor. Aside from the quest room this key also unlocks two extraction points in the factory, Gate 0 and Cellars.

The key can be found in jackets and in the pockets and bags of Scavs. You can also find the key on the Customs map. On Customs, the key is in the three-story dorms on the northern end of the map near the vehicle extraction. The key can spawn next to the broken TV in the guard office on the ground floor. To get into the guard office you need to have the guard desk key which is found in the hand of a dead scav in the ground floor bathroom of the two-story dorms. Check our guide on Customs for more details on where to find all of these locations.


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  1. Gate 0 (ALL) – You will need the factory exit key to use this extraction point. Gate 0 Is in the southernmost section of the map. From anywhere on the map just head south and west. It is south of the red blinker and the tunnels heading south can get you close but you will have to pop out to the main level to be able to leave. Once you are in the southern section head through the open metal door in the southern wall embedded in the large loading dock door. You will come out in a room with some empty barrels and another loading dock door with a red light above it. Behind the barrels is another metal door that is locked. Unlock this door to enter yet another room with a big red door with a green light on it. This room is the extraction point. Scav players can only go through this door if PMC players have already used it.
  2. Gate 3 (ALL) – This extraction point is open to everyone and does not require a key. It is the only extract that is guaranteed to always be open for every player on the map. As a result, it is very popular among campers making it a royal pain to exit through. If you are going to make a run for this extraction point, bring some grenades to clear out any campers. The extraction point is similar to Gate 0. It is on the northwestern end of the map near the boilers. If you follow the rails north from the pit, this extraction point will be on your left when you reach the end. There will be a rust-colored loading dock door with a green exit light on the wall to the right. There is a smaller door embedded in the big loading door right next to the light. Open it and you will enter a smaller room with a blue container. Go past the container to find another door identical to the first one and open it. The extraction zone is in the left corner of the next area. Be careful as you are likely going to have players following close behind you who are probably a bit miffed about any grenades you might have chucked at them earlier.
  3. Cellars (PMC) – This is the only PMC exclusive extract on the map and it requires the factory exit key. This extraction is on the northeastern side of the map. If you follow the railway north, turn right once you hit the boilers. Go down to the end of the section until you see a large loading door with the number two on it bold white paint. You should see a fenced-in area with the words “Terragroup” printed on it. Turn left, towards the northeast, and you should see a red door just past the fenced-in area. Open it and you will enter a room full of forklifts. You can also enter through the doors by the loading door with the big “2” on it, but this path is more direct. Once you enter there will be stairs immediately on your left. Head down the stairs then turn around once you are at the bottom. Behind the stairs just past some crates is the door to the extraction point.
  4. Camera Bunker Door (SCAV) – From the pit, follow the railway south down into the tunnel. The tunnel is marked with the number 1986 on the wall above it in black paint. Follow the tunnel until it splits then head to the right. A little further down the tunnel will have an open area on your left. There will be two doors in the open area. One door will have a blinking light and the other will be dark. The door without the light is the extraction point.
  5. Office Window (SCAV) – This extraction point is on the third floor of the offices. When you reach the third floor there will be a hole in the wall on your right overlooking the south side of the map. Turn left into the hallway and open either of the first two white painted doors on your left. These doors open into a trashed office area. There are three windows, one will be obstructed by debris, the other two act as the extraction point. Be aware that this is a popular spot for players to camp, throwing a grenade in first to flush anyone out might be a good idea, but it will also alert anyone nearby of your whereabouts.