Escape from Tarkov Flea Market pricing guide

Get the most bang for your buck.

The Flea Market in Escape from Tarkov is a marketplace where players can put their inventory items up for sale, and other players can purchase them. There are three categories in the Flea Market to examine from: Browse, Wish List, and My Offers. There is also a search bar where you can search for any specific items/weapons.

This guide will include an overview of the flea market, the reputation system, preparing to sell, and general pricing tips to consider.

Flea Market Overview

Whenever you’re browsing for an item, be sure to click on the ‘price’ column title, which will order the items from least expensive to most expensive – this is important for finding the best deal available. After achieving PMC level 10 in Tarkov, you can begin adding offers to the market, offering items from your stash (excluding secure containers). Upon offering an item, a calculated tax in Roubles is deducted from your balance. Roubles are the in-game currency used in Tarkov. Items can be sold per item, or sold all together as ‘stacked items.’

The Reputation System

After PMC level 5, your reputation rating begins. You can initially put up to three offers at a time. The way to increase how many items you can put up for sale is by increasing your flea market reputation. Every time you sell 100,000 Roubles worth of items on the market, your reputation gradually rises. Essentially, the value of items sold is tracked, not the number of items sold. Your reputation will lower if you put up an offer, and it doesn’t sell, or you take it down before it sells.

Preparing to Sell & Pricing Tips

Selecting an item from your stash and choosing the ‘filter by item’ will show all of the specific item listings, giving you a solid idea of the price, which will help you sell your unwanted items at a competitive price point. Using this method with weapons should be done with caution. This is because the listings will show all offers for a specific gun, regardless of their current attachments. This can be a bit confusing, especially if it’s your first few times browsing through the Flea Market. It’s a good idea to strip all of the weapon attachments and sell each piece individually, including the desired gun.

Once you’re ready to sell, you can select the ‘add offer’ selection in the Flea Market and choose the weapon or item from your stash. As mentioned above, a portion of the price you enter will be deducted from your Roubles stash as a listing fee. So, you want to put items up for a reasonable price to avoid them, not trading or exchanging too cheaply.