Escape from Tarkov Hideout Guide

Escape from Tarkov Hideout

Escape from Tarkov seems like a simple role-playing game. The hardcore first-person shooter revolves around players searching the Norvisnk region after intense warfare, whether for fortune or to survive. With two factions in the Scavs and mercenaries, players explore the Tarkov city, find undiscovered loot, kill opponents that stand in their way, and participate in NPC quests.

With the release of update 0.12, Escape from Tarkov has released the hideout, which enables players to customize their living area. The hideout is what the word means – a place for characters to rest, store supplies, prepare for upcoming trips, and establish themselves. It starts as an abandoned bomb shelter, but players can upgrade different modules and earn bonuses while doing so.

To start building out your hideout, players need first to install a Power Generator, which consumes fuel. There are basic modules available, as well as advanced modules that allow the production of items and resources. Other than the upgradeable modules, there is also a shooting range where players can test their weapons without needing to worry about ammunition.

The hideout isn’t required for all players but will make gameplay much more comfortable.

Escape from Tarkov Hideout Materials

Modules and their functions:

  • Air Filtering Unit
    • Leveling boost for Physical Skills (+40%)
  • Bitcoin Farm
    • Farms Physical Bitcoins
    • Upgrading:
      • Gives additional slots for Graphics Cards
  • Booze Generator
    • Produces Fierce Hatchling moonshine
  • Generator
    • Additional fuel slots
  • Heating
    • Increases energy regeneration rate
  • Illumination
    • Lights up hideout with different lighting
  • Intelligence Center
    • Scav cooldown timer
    • Quest money reward boost
    • Upgrading:
      • Decreases Insurance Return Time
      • Produces Secure Flash drives
      • Decreases Scav cooldown timer
      • Decreases Flea Market Commission
  • Lavatory
    • Produces Toilet Paper
    • Upgrading:
      • Gives access to the production of Schaman shampoo, Ox bleach, Expeditionary fuel tank, Magazine case, Corrugated hose, Air filter for gas mask, Clin wiper, FP-100 filter absorber
  • Library
    • Additional EXP
    • Leveling boost for Physical Skills (+30%)
  • Medstation
    • Produces First Aid Kit
    • Increases Health Regeneration
    • Upgrading:
      • Increases regeneration rate
      • Access to production of other first aid tools
  • Nutrition Unit
    • Increases Energy Regeneration Rate
    • Produces food and drinks
    • Upgrading:
      • Access to additional food and drink production
      • Increases
        • Health regeneration rate
        • Hydration regeneration rate
  • Rest Space
    • Decreases negative effects removal rate
    • Upgrading:
      • Increases
        • Energy regeneration rate
        • Health regeneration rate
        • Maximum energy reserve
  • Scav Case
    • Scavs can find items for you if you pay them
  • Security
    • Adds nothing, but is used as a prerequisite for some aspects
  • Shooting Range
    • Ability to test out firearms
  • Solar Power
    • Decreases fuel consumption (-50%)
  • Stash
    • Increases stash size
  • Vents
    • Nothing
  • Water Collector
    • Increases hydration regeneration rate
    • Upgrading:
      • Produces Purified Water
  • Workbench
    • Off-raid weapon customization
    • Production of various weapons and machinery

Each fuel resource will power the hideout for 15 minutes, with this being 30 minutes with the Solar Power module. Players can turn off the generator when it is not in use, but it is required to be on during the crafting process. While the hideout in Escape from Tarkov can give access to many valuable resources, it is also costly to upgrade everything to the maximum level.

Images via Chaab on Reddit.