Escape From Tarkov: Shoreline map guide

All the basics you need to know to survive on Shoreline.

Escape from Tarkov Shoreline

The Shoreline is the fourth map added to Escape from Tarkov and the second largest. Adjacent to Customs, the map is a significant part of the Tarkov outskirts. The map features an abandoned village, an expansive beachfront, a luxury health resort, and a couple of villas among many other points of interest.

This is one of the best PvP maps in the game along with Interchange and Factory. The wide-open spaces of the map at large along with the close quarters of the resort and the building to building combat of the villages provide a wide variety of combat experiences. Players will need to be prepared for anything. This is also one of the best maps in the game for loot. Like most maps, Shoreline is split up between both factions, with one location, the resort, shared between the two. However, the Scavs have seven exit points while the PMCs only have four, three of which are not always available. This leaves the remaining two, Tunnel and the universal Road to Customs, as prime locations for campers.

General Layout

Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Extraction
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The map is split into two sides with the Resort in the center of it and to the north and a river splitting the map almost perfectly down the middle. The southern end of the map is taken up by a long shoreline where the map gets its name. A long main road runs parallel to the shoreline with plenty of abandoned vehicles on it. Among the vehicles are several busses that should be searched if you come across them. Busses can have useful keys spawn on the seats.

Scav players typically spawn more on the east side in the wooded areas along the main road and PMC spawn more on the west side in and around the village. The map is designed for just about every type of combat available in the game: You have wide-open spaces great for sniping, wooded areas and abandoned roads for mid-range combat, villas and a ruined village good for building-to-building combat, and of course, the resort which is great for close-quarters battles.

Points of Interest


Screengrab via Battlestate Games

Hard to miss this as it is the biggest building on the map and can be seen from almost everywhere if the weather is clear. This location has a lot of close-quarters battles but also has a lot of good loot.

The resort is divided into three areas, the Admin Building which acts as the north wing, the West Wing, and the East Wing. The resort is a massive area with a lot of loose loot, key spawns, and quest item spawns, making it very popular among players. You will very likely run into someone here. There are also several scavs patrolling the area. The Resort requires numerous keys to access all of the available areas. You can check out key guide for possible spawn locations for all of them.

The admin building has a lot of good loot, particularly on the second floor. On the second floor in a rec room, you can find a key spawn, a weapon spawn, and a weapon crate. You can also find a lot of the items needed to barter with the merchants on shelves and in filing cabinets. There are two safes that require keys to be opened. Most of the desks in the admin building have computers on them or nearby that should be searched.

If you head through the glass hallway from the admin building to the East Wing you will find a dead body and a weapon crate in the first room you enter. The bottom floor of the East Wing primarily has loose loot, medbags, and duffel bags.

On the second floor of the East Wing, you will want to check rooms 205, 206, and 310. Rooms 205 and 206 are connected and have duffel bags, rare loot spawns, three weapon crates, a weapon cabinet, a possible weapon spawn, and some medical loot. In the same hallway as rooms 205 and 206 is a small utility closet. There is a key box on the back wall of the closet that should be searched.

Room 310 on the East Wing is a money room. It requires a key to be entered. There are two duffel bags and numerous rare item and money spawns including bitcoin spawns. If you go straight out of room 310 and head towards the window in the next common area there will be a table with a weapon crate sitting on it.

Many of the rooms on the East Wing are connected via the balcony. If a key is required to get into a room, they are either needed for a quest and have absolutely nothing unless that quest is active, or the room will have weapon crates, rare loot spawns, weapon spawns, medical loot spawns, or some combination of all the above. At the very least they will have some loose loot and barter items.

From the East Wing, you can head into the basement. The basement has lots of barter items and loose loot you can grab on the way to the West Wing. Head west, go past the empty pool and then go up a floor. Many of the rooms in the West Wing are also quest locations as well as good loot locations. The ground floor of the West Wing is a wellness clinic with tons of medical loot and some duffel bags. The upper floors become more varied with weapon spawns and PC spawns along with more medical loot. Like the East Wing, many of the rooms in the West Wing are connected via the balcony.

Room 306 on the West Wing is a quest room but also a good room to loot if you have the key for it. There are two dead bodies to be looted, a weapon spawn, medical items, and a medical box. Room 216 on the next floor down has numerous weapon crates and grenade crates that are ripe for looting. There are also Tetris, Gphone, and loose ammo spawns in this room.

The resort is full of loot locations. Players should seriously consider running solo raids in offline mode just to explore the resort and get a good feel for it. There is just too much in the resort to fully cover it all in any guide. The main drawback to this area is that it is one of the most popular looting locations in the game and as a result is usually very busy. A lot of players that spawn onto Shoreline will head straight to the Resort or will try to wait until late into a raid hoping to pick up anything that had been left behind. If you are new to the game and don’t have any decent equipment, it is probably better to skip the resort and stick to the outer areas until you have some better equipment for PvP.


This used to be one of the extraction points for this map before the developers increased its size. The bunker lies to the north of the Resort and on the west side of the river. Several Scav NPCs can spawn here and there is a weapon spawn inside the bunker itself.

There is a large rock to the south leading up to the bunker that a Scav sniper can spawn on. You can kill him then use a little parkour skill to scramble up the rock and loot him but it requires a lot of strength making it nearly impossible if you are still new to the game.


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The village is the location of many of the most common spawn points on the map. It is on the western edge of the map sitting at about the midpoint of the western boundary. There is a ton of loot in this area but the vast majority of it is going to come from other players. There are several dilapidated houses in the village that can have jackets, bags, and toolboxes. The loot in the village itself is primarily loose loot but a lot of it can be sold or bartered. From the crossroads at the center of the village, there is an abandoned tank on the side of the road to the south. Unfortunately, you can’t drive it because it failed on the last inspection and isn’t street legal, but you can loot the ammo box across the street from it.

If you spawn in the village, expect a firefight almost immediately. You have a few options for surviving the early battle here. If you are confident in your PvP skills or just feel like entering into some PvP you can fight it out with the other players. You can lay low until the fight has died down then either pick off whoever is left or slip out towards another area while the others are picking over bodies or heading to the more loot heavy areas. Finally, you can try to make a mad dash out of the village but be careful as there are more spawn points near almost every exit.


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The villas are just to the east of the village. They are hard to miss because they probably look similar to your rich uncle’s condo complete with high fences. Jumping the fence is a pain so it is easier to either go through the gates or through gaps in the fence. There are two villas, one open and another locked.

In the open villa, there is a lot of loose loot on the ground floor and two safes, a weapon cabinet, and a computer on the second floor. Be sure to check the computer for flash drives while you are searching the rest of the floor, they take up only one slot of space and can be traded for a nice bundle. There are also duffle bags on the front porch and in the service entrance just off the kitchen. The service entrance also has a key box on the wall that should be searched every time you go by, even if you already have the key, it is needed for a quest and can be sold on the flea market. The service entrance also has a door that leads back outside.

If you hop the slightly shorter fence between the two villas you should land near a gazebo as you trample the neighbors’ geraniums. head towards the cottage from the gazebo but keep your eyes on the space between them. There is a pallet with a bunch of blue barrels strapped to it. The key to the cottage can spawn on top of them.

In the second cottage, there is some loose loot scattered on both floors. On the ground floor, in the living room, there is an AK spawn on the couch and cash can spawn on the table. Like in the first cottage there are two safes, a weapon cabinet, and a computer on the second floor. One of the safes will require a key which can be found on a bus in the village.


The swamp is to the north of the village in the northwestern area of the map. It is easily recognizable due to the partially sunken village in the area. The main building to check is a northernmost house that can have ammo boxes and duffel bags. The swamp is a great reference point for getting around the map but not so great for looting in general. A lot of players tend to skip over it and head to other areas so there isn’t a lot of traffic in this area. The reason there isn’t a lot of traffic though is that it is very dangerous. The swampy environment slows you down and it is easy to get stuck in the mud. There is also very little cover so any NPCs or players that come along will be able to take potshots at you with ease.

Bus Terminal

There is a dirt road on the east side of the villas that you can follow north. The road will curve around towards the resort. The Bus Terminal will be on to the right as you approach the Resort. There are usually a few Scavs patrolling the area. You should definitely search the busses for possible key spawns in the seats. The building at the east end of the terminal has a weapon crate, a cash register, and a scav-on-a-stick that should be looted if possible.

Power Station

The power station sits on the river just south of the Resort. There are a few scavs in the area including one on the roof of the red main building. Just north of the power station is a circle of sandbags with a grenade box in it. On the bottom floor of the power station’s main building is a chair with a possible key spawn on it. The power station also has some jackets, two weapon crates, and a toolbox.

Radar Tower

The Radar Tower is located north of the main road almost directly across from the lighthouse on the peninsula. You can reach it by following the road from the power station east across the central river. There is a lot of good loot in this area including medical loot, loose loot, a weapon crate, a grenade crate, and a safe. The two weapon crates can be found on the ground outside by a flatbed truck. The safe and medical loot are found inside the radar station along with a lot of food spawns. There are also server racks on the second floor that should be looted.

This area is also in the middle of Scav territory. There is a sniper scav protecting the area by watching the road leading from the tower towards the power station. There is also a Scav spawn and some possible Scav patrols in this area. The tower has some great loot but because of the loot and the Scavs in the area, it can be very chaotic as players and Scavs clash in and around the tower. Players also like to set up on high rocks nearby and snipe anything they see or hear.

Loot Island

To the southwest and a little ways off the shore is a small island with a few buildings clustered on it. This island has some very good loot including a possible key spawn, medical loot, two weapon crates, and plenty of loose loot. There is a sunken barge that acts as a bridge for crossing over to the island, but this is a perfect place for snipers to target. So perfect that there is actually a sniper scav perched on the island just past the barge. The weapon crates are in the large shack on the western end of the island.

Gas Station

The gas station is on the southern end of the map almost at the halfway point of the shoreline. It is on the north end of the main road. A sniper scav can spawn in the southeast area overlooking the main road. Inside the gas station in the back of the store are two weapon crates and a safe. The gas station is on fire so you will need to be careful when navigating it or you might get burned. This is why you shouldn’t smoke at the pump.


The pier is on a small peninsula jutting off the shoreline. It is on the southern end of the central section of the map. You can get to it by following the main road towards the center of the map, it is just off the beach right across the street from the gas station. You can also follow the river south from the resort to get to it. The peninsula is home to two extraction points, Pier Boat and Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a construction site at the southernmost tip of the entire map.

If you head to the pier there are some buildings on the peninsula overlooking the water. These buildings will have two safes, some registers, a couple of computers, and a fair amount of loose loot worth grabbing. Near the lighthouse itself, in the construction site, is a lootable crate.

Port 11

Port 11 isn’t actually accessible in-game. But it can be a useful reference point if you are traveling through the area. Port 11 is on the opposite side of the wall where the CCP Temp extraction is located on the southeastern side of the map. It is halfway between the Road to Customs extract and the Pier. You can see it just on the other side of the southeastern wall making it a good spot to get your bearings if you get turned around. It is also a good spot to know to pick off any players that might be trying to head for the CCP Temp extract or the Road to Customs or Pier extracts.


Most of the Scav NPCs that spawn on this map are your typical run of the mill scav. This map does not have a Scav boss or Scav raiders. It does have several Scav snipers scattered all over the place. The most notable ones are a sniper near the far end of the barge the crosses onto Loot Island, one in the village near the crossroads, two perched overlooking the road leading north to the Road to Customs extract along the west side of the road. One on the northwest end of the power station perched on top of the red building, and one in the southern end of the resort in a building just north of the chopper.

Extraction Points

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Road to Customs (ALL) This extraction point is available to everyone and is always available. It can be found on the eastern side of the map. You can follow the main road east and the north once you get past port 11 or hit the eastern barrier and follow it south past the tower. The extraction point is a rust colored gate in the wall. The area doesn’t have a lot of cover and is one of the most popular extraction points along with the Tunnel so be extra careful on approach as there might be campers in the area.

CCP Temporary (PMC) – The CCP Temp sits between the Road to Customs and the Pier Boat extraction points. This extract is a checkpoint along the main road that leads into Pier 11. Follow the main road east until you see a large metal gate with a military checkpoint set up around it. If the spotlight on the top of the wall is on, the extract is available, if not, you wasted the trip. This extract is near two scav filled areas so keep behind cover if you are going to use it.

Rock Passage (PMC) – This extract isn’t always available it is only usable if you see green smoke coming from the area. The passage is tucked away in the northernmost part of the map in the mountains behind the resort. There will be two green flares marking the entrance if it is available. Go between them and keep heading towards the mountains and the edge of the map until the countdown triggers.

Pier Boat (PMC) – This extract isn’t always available. You can tell if it is available if there are flashing red beacons on the boat, not the buoys, as you approach. The Pier Boat is on the same small peninsula as the lighthouse. It is on the central section shoreline on the southern end of the map almost directly across from the resort along a small pier. This extract has basically no cover except for the boat itself.

Tunnel (PMC) – The Tunnel is easy to spot and is always available to use. It is located in the southwestern corner of the map. Just follow the main road or the shoreline west. Eventually, you will see a collapsed tunnel running through the mountain on the southwest corner of the map, this is the extraction point. Unfortunately, it is located next to several Scav extraction and spawn points which are filled with players and NPCs. One of the scav extractions is right around the corner on the path just south of the tunnel. Keep a close eye out for other players and use the cars near the tunnel as cover until the timer runs out.

ADM Basement (SCAV) This extraction point is in the admin building on the north wing of the Resort. From outside head down the east staircase or down one of the staircases inside the building. Just follow the green exit signs. The basement acts as the extraction point.

Lighthouse (SCAV) Lighthouse is, the lighthouse, on the southern peninsula near the small pier with the Pier Boat extract. This is the southernmost point of the map. The peninsula is almost directly across from the resort in the central region of the shoreline. Stay on land and head all the way south until you see the construction site for the lighthouse on the southern tip of the peninsula.

Ruined House Fence (SCAV) This extraction point is on the west side of the map. It is north of the village and just south of the swamp. Hug the western wall and head north towards the swamp. There is a dilapidated house just on the other side of the wall that is barely visible. The sectionof wall running up against the house is the extraction point.

Ruined Road (SCAV) – The Ruined Road is literally right around the corner from the tunnel extract used by PMC players in the southwesternmost corner of the map. Just follow the main road or the shoreline west until you see a big caved-in tunnel running through a mountain. The extraction point is to the south of the tunnel, left if you are facing it, in a little side passage. You’ll see a set of barriers blocking the path leading past the tunnel. The barriers are the extraction point.

Right-wing Gym Entrance (SCAV) – The Gym Entrance is located on a staircase between the east wing and the admin building. This staircase is just inside a the building near the swimming pool.

South Fence Passage (SCAV) – The South Fence Passage is, funnily, in northeasternmost point of the map where the eastern barrier wall intersects with the northern mountains. Just follow the northern mountains east or the eastern wall north until the two barriers run into each other. You can sit inside of a bush and hide a bit while you wait for the timer to count down.

Svetliy Dead End (SCAV) – The Svetliy Dead End is in the middle of the Village, near the western border wall. Follow the road running through the center of the village west towards the border wall. You will see a large green flatbed loaded with lumber near the wall. The area around the flatbed is the extraction point. There are lots of Scavs in this location, but they do not shoot unless provoked.

The map provided is a 3D render by Reddit user Maksen.

Ethan Chen contributed to this guide.