Every artefact in SSD Speedway in Astro’s Playroom

Relive the early 2000s with the PlayStation 2 artefacts in Astro’s Playroom.

The PlayStation 2 is well remembered for being the most sold video game console of all time. It had numerous hits and was many people’s DVD player as well. Astro’s Playroom pays homage to the PS2 days in SSD Speedway through its artefacts; all styled on accessories that were available for the juggernaut console. Here is where you can find all of them.

Turbo Trail

Buzz Controller

At the beginning of the stage, you will jump onto a DualSense controller and hang-glide through the air. Be sure to keep as much air as you can you approach the next area and land on the left tower. There will be a robot there holding balloons. Pull the wires next to him, and you will have the Buzz Controller artefact. If you land below before you grab the wires, you will need to reload the checkpoint or stage and try the hang-glide again.

DualShock 2 Controller

After another hang-gliding session, you will land on a platform with robots working on cars. Past this area is a giant red and white rocket. Do not go up the elevator on the left yet. Instead, walk behind the rocket, where you will see a Killzone reference. The big stack of boxes here can be punched, revealing wires that will reward you with the DualShock 2 Controller to add to your collection.

Caching Caves

PS2 Multitap

After you pass the area with the drop into the Vib-Ribbon reference, keep ascending until you see a small on the left. Drop into here, and you will see some dynamite at the bottom with a fuse shaped out in the iconic PlayStation symbols. Using your thrusters on your rocket, light the fuse, and the PS2 Multitap is yours.

PS2 Memory Card

Continue along the main path until you start seeing electrical wires hanging from the walls. Instead of continuing up here, drop into the small alcove on the right (careful of the floor wires). To the right here will be a puzzle piece, but above is a purple web. Use both thrusters to push yourself through this and an additional web to go into a room filled with spiders, a Spider-Man reference, and the PS2 Memory Card artefact.

Deep Dataspace

EyeToy Camera

When you arrive at the first checkpoint in Deep Dataspace, you will see some bounce pads to get yourself up a structure. Take the first bounce, and you will notice an open area on the back. Dropdown here, and you will find a glass box next to a LittleBigPlanet reference. Remember where this is, because you will need to come back for it. Continue on the main path until you reach an area where you earn a minigun that fires balls at enemies and breaks glass walls. Instead of going forward, backtrack to the glass box and shoot it. Pull the wires to get the EyeToy Camera added to your PlayStation Labo.

PS2 Game Disc

At the checkpoint right in front of the area where you get the minigun, you will notice a white structure on the right with a wirehead enemy in front of it. Kill the enemy, and a windmill will appear. Blowing into your controller turns the structure into a satellite that you can jump across. Collect the coins here and start walking to the two robots in the back of the platform. As you get closer, an asteroid will strike the area, sending your robot friends into space. Honor their memory by pulling the wires on the asteroid to get the PS2 disc.

Orbital Obstacles

PlayStation 2 Slim

In the rocket suit, blast yourself up past the asteroid field and into the white space station. Maneuver yourself past two electric mines, and two cannons will start firing metallic balls at you. Don’t worry, those balls won’t kill you, but they may knock you into the electric mines below and above that will. The mine just above these cannons will swap left to right. There is a small entryway into a room with moving platforms covered in electric wires to its right. Get past the wires without touching them, and you will get the slim version of the PS2 as an artefact.

SingStar Microphone

When you reach a small circular red room with mines orbiting it, instead of continuing up, drop into the bottom of it. Below that room is an icy pathway that will lead to a bigger room with electric wires on the floor and a large structure with dynamite on top of it. Explode the dynamite with your thrusters to get the SingStar Microphone.

PlayStation 2

After beating the boss in Orbital Obstacles, you will be blasted onto a pathway. Pull the blue wire ahead for the original PlayStation 2 model artefact.