Every Cooling Springs puzzle piece in Astro’s Playroom

Work up a sweat and cool off while finding these puzzle pieces.

Cooling Springs starts as a tropical getaway for Astro and his robot friends and quickly turns into a winter wonderland. Bots will be relaxing in the sun or ice skating in the blistering cold, showing how this world takes a look at all angles of temperature. As with the three other worlds in Astro’s Playroom, there are 16 puzzle pieces hidden throughout its four levels. Here is where you can find every Cooling Springs puzzle piece.

Bot Beach

At the beginning of this level, you will slide down into the water, just off a beach. The first three puzzle pieces are all in close proximity here. Make your way onto the sand and turn towards the dock on the right. Boost across the gap and pull the three wires to make the puzzle piece appear.

Now turn back towards the beach and you will notice two umbrellas that you can bounce on to reach the second puzzle piece.

The third puzzle piece is found directly in the middle of the beach. You will see a box that appears to have no purpose. Walk onto the backside of it and turn your camera towards it to find the collectible.

The final puzzle piece here is in the back left of the water area. Swim your way out to the blue pillar, and you’ll find it sitting on the right side of the pillar.

Springy Spa

When in the springy suit, charge up your jump and directly jump into the left wall. It’s a glass wall that is hiding the first puzzle piece.

Now make your way up the main pathway until you need to bounce into the ceiling to hit a red button to open the path. Fully charge up your jump and go to the left to grab the second puzzle piece.

Following the second piece, you will jump across a pool and be lifted to the next floor. When the lilypad stops moving, jump through the glass wall on the right. The puzzle piece and some coins will be waiting for you.

After grabbing it, follow the main path to the left, and you will run into the fourth and final piece of Springy Spa.

Frigid Floes

After you go down the icy slide from the first room of Frigid Floes, turn to the left and you will see half an igloo. Walk around it and you will find a puzzle piece.

Go forward on the main path and you will start ice skating. Get to the next checkpoint and drop from the ice slide into the snow back on the right, and the puzzle piece will be hidden in a small room.

Make your way to the next checkpoint and you will notice that the ice slide splits into two. Skate down and jump twice on the left to get this puzzle piece.

At the next checkpoint, you will be riding an ice glacier down a flowing river. Eventually, the glacier will start melting quickly, so jump to the one on the right. When this one starts moving, you will be able to jump and grab the final puzzle piece here.

Hotel Hopalot

Now that you’re back in the springy suit, jump to the left immediately when you have control. Jump onto the gray button and two platforms will rise from the ground. Hop upwards and you will have the first puzzle piece.

After grabbing the first piece, hop to the right and open the next room and checkpoint. Get on the lilypad and leap over small fences as you float to the right. At the end of the sequence, you will need to jump on the thicker bar with the big coin on it. From here, fully charge your jump to the right to grab the puzzle piece. If you miss the bar, you will need to jump in the water to go back to the checkpoint. There is no other way to get this one.

Directly following the second puzzle piece, you will need to jump your way up through small blocks of glass. At the top and to the left of these is the next puzzle piece.

Follow the main path until you are lifted to a tall room via a lilypad. Instead of jumping on the lilypad to the right, hop to the left to find the fourth and final puzzle piece of Hotel Hopalot.