Every Kiriko skin in Overwatch 2, and how to get them

The Support newcomer can dazzle in eight different alternate skins.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the newest members of Overwatch 2 roster is the Support class’ Kiriko. This Hero separates herself from the pack with Kunai projectiles and a Kitsune Rush Ultimate that provides allies extra speed. Players can even perform these abilities in style, as Kiriko has a variety of outfits to choose from at launch. Here’s every Kiriko skin and how you can unlock them in Overwatch 2.

All Kiriko skins in Overwatch 2

Firstly, it is worth noting that players can currently only play as Kiriko if they have purchased the Season 1 Battle Pass. Once that is done, you can obtain an assortment of her skins from spending Coins or progressing through the Battle Pass. You can find each skin below, listed in order of their rarity.

Athleisure (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can swap the Hero’s white kimono for a rosy letterman jacket and matching pants with the Athleisure skin. This Legendary skin will cost players 1,900 Coins.

Hinotori (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Arguably the best Kiriko skin yet, Hinotori lends the character a yellow combat vest and a flowery, matching skirt. It’s certainly the most threatening of the bunch, considering it is the only cosmetic to lend her deathly-white face paint and black lipstick. Hinotori can be obtained by progressing the Season 1 Battle Pass to Tier 20.

Sukajan (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Functioning as a recolor of Athleisure, those rocking Sukajan will now have a blue letterman jacket and orange fox ears. The cosmetic is available through Twitch Drops during Season 1 and will be made available in the Heroes menu for Coins the following season.

Matsuri (Epic)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only Epic skin players can unlock at the moment is Matsuri, an outfit that turns her clothes into light pink and fiery red. Matsuri comes at the price of a low 1,000 Coins.

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Ajisai (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ajisai is a Rare skin that recolors the Hero’s default dress into a blend of purple and pink. Those wanting the cosmetic can purchase it from the Heroes menu for 300 Coins.

Fuji (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fuji is the second to alter the color scheme of the base skin, turning her long skirt and shoes a light purple for 300 Coins.

Take (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This rare skin imagines Kiriko in a bright yellow skirt and with dashes of green on her pants, shoes, and gloves. Players can own Take by spending 300 Coins.

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Tanpopo (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tanpopo gives Kiriko’s orange fox ears a matching skirt and shoes for the price of 300 Coins. If that does not sound vibrant enough for you, the outfit even offers yellow jogging pants.