Every legendary D. Va skin in Overwatch 2

She plays to win.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va has always been one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes. The eSport champion and defender of Busan, South Korea has a wide-ranging fanbase both in-game and in real-life. She also has received one of the most robust and impressive skin collections over the years. Here is every single Legendary skin for D.Va in Overwatch 2.

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Every D.Va Legendary skin in Overwatch 2

As is the case with every Overwatch 2 hero, D.Va has a wide variety of skins that is added to with events, battle passes, and drops in the in-game shop. We will note below how to acquire each skin.

Academy (Anniversary event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Academy skin puts D.Va in a schoolgirl outfit, meeting a lot of fanboys dreams.

B.Va (base Overwatch 1 skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

B.Va gives D.Va and her a mech a bee-like look to them.

Black Cat (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Feline fans can dress D.Va up like a cute cat with this skin.

Cruiser (Anniversary event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Americana skin takes D.Va back in time to about the 50s or 60s.

EDM (Season One battle Pass)

Screenshot by Gamepur

EDM kits the mech out with a bunch of party equipment fit for a DJ. When you use her Ultimate, the mech plays music and puts on a light show before exploding.

Junebug (base Overwatch 1 skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Junebug is a different bug variant of B.Va.

Junker (base Overwatch 1 skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is what D.Va would look like if she were a contestant in the mech battles that take place in Junkertown.

Palanquin (Lunar New Year event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Palanquin celebrates Korean tradition during the Lunar New Year.

Police (purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

D.Va takes on the role of a Korean police officer chasing down eliminations in the game.

Scavenger (base Overwatch 1 skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Scavenger is a variant of Junker.

Shin-Ryeong (Halloween Terror event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shin-Ryeong is a dark take on the legendary nine tail fox myth. D.Va is in the process of transforming into the fox after being injured here.

Sleighing (Winter Wonderland event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sleighing decks D.Va out in Christmas gear with a sleigh rework for her mech.

Wave Racer (Summer Games event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wave Racer represents the boating crowd by giving D.Va a life jacket and her mech boat propellers.

White Cat (Anniversary Remix event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

White Cat is a recolored variant of Black Cat.