Every Legendary Symmetra skin in Overwatch 2

Simple and elegant.

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Symmetra has been around since the launch of Overwatch, and she has had quite a rough go of it. Reworked twice due to the nature of her kit and her hybrid nature to deal a ton of damage but still present typically Support qualities over Damage ones, she’s one of the more niche characters in the game. She’s also one of the characters who have a lot to offer not only in story and lore but in her skins. Symmetra has a lot of really good Legendary skins and this guide will list every Legendary Symmetra skin in Overwatch 2.

Architech (purchase with Legacy Credits)

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One of Symmetra’s original skins, shows Symmetra in her primary job, working as a builder of hard-light structures. Like her, it’s elegant yet simplistic and no frills needed skin, and wholly pragmatic.

Vishkar (purchase with Legacy Credits)

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A color variation of the Architech skin, it presents the skin in lighter tones. Once more it keeps things simple and to the point.

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Devi (purchase with Legacy Credits)

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Hauntingly beautiful, this skin inspires fear much like a fully charged Symmetra does as she charges down the battlefield.

Goddess (purchase with Legacy Credits)

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Another color variation, this skin is no less terrifyingly stunning. Much like the Devi skin, you don’t want to face this skin on a Symmetra who found a shield to burn down with her beam.

Dragon (Halloween Terror Event)

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This skin is one of the more famous skins of Symmetra. Released in the first Halloween Terror event, it transforms Symmetra into a legendary being that is fully capable of burning you to ashes with her beams.

Figure Skater (Winter Wonderland Event)

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Elegant and simple, featuring small details that make it unique for the character, this skin is a lovely addition to Symmetra’s collection of skins. 

Magician (Anniversary Event)

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While Symmetra’s powers aren’t necessarily described as being magical, it can seem out of this world the things she can conjure up. This skin is a great addition for Symmetra and has a wonderful hat to go with it, as well as a very unique skin for her arm.

Oasis (Anniversary Event)

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A classic skin, this one has some amazing details, as well as a very impressive headpiece and amazing colors.

Mermaid (Summer Games Event)

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This skin changes the whole look of Symmetra, changing her from mortal to immortal, and honestly quite intimidating to see a Symmetra wearing this mid-battle.

Hydra (Anniversary Event)

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This is a remix of the Dragon skin and changes the feeling from fiery to almost icy.

Art Deco (Shop Skin)

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This skin puts a classic and elegant twist on Symmetra, using dark colors and gold accents to make her seem like she has just stepped out of, well, an art show.