Every Legendary Wrecking Ball skin in Overwatch 2

Dress Hammond and his mech in only the greatest fits of all.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Thanks to its hamster companion Hammond, Wrecking Ball is by far one of the cutest, yet deadliest Heroes to customize in Overwatch 2. With its default skins only offering bland color palettes, those using the character are certainly better off choosing one of its several Legendary skins, each either themed after its lore or seasonal events. This guide will display all of Wrecking Ball’s Legendary outfits and how you can obtain them in Overwatch 2.

All Legendary Wrecking Ball skins in Overwatch 2

In total, Wrecking Ball can be placed into just one of nine different Legendary skins. Most typically appear for sale during major holiday events, though you may spot them in the Shop from time to time. You can find each Legendary Wrecking Ball skin below, organized in alphabetical order.

Crustacean (Available via the Shop)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Crustacean is entirely exclusive to the Shop, but well worth the purchase when it appears. It imagines Wrecking Ball as an armed lobster and Hammond as a teal, mysterious sea creature.

Horizon (Purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

As Hammond is a part of the Horizon Lunar Colony, this Legendary skin is readily available for Legacy Coins in order to give Wrecking Ball the force’s interstellar gear.

Jack-O’-Lantern (Halloween Terror event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jack-O’-Lantern surely speaks for itself, as it turns the mech into a menacing, robotic pumpkin and Hammond into one frightening scarecrow.

Junker (Purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Junker comes in the shape of a Mad Max-inspired suit, made up of several different pieces of worn-down metals. Hammond then sits in the cockpit with nothing but an eyepatch and a shiny blue mohawk.

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Lucioball (Summer Games event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

If Wrecking Ball had ever entered itself into the Olympics, we would imagine it would look something like Lucioball. The Summer Games skin gives the machine a fresh coat of white paint, while its hamster-in-crime rocks a baseball cap from above.

Lunar (Purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lunar pictures the notorious duo in matching blue and white astronaut suits. Though, our favorite part is the bright beam of light in the center that functions as Wrecking Ball’s eye.

Mayham (Purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

If Junker does not pop out enough for you, its Mayham recolor shakes up the Legendary skin with an entirely neon-pink and purple design.

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Snowman (Purchase with Legacy Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

As its name suggests, this high-rarity outfit turns Wrecking Ball into a somewhat friendly snowman with golden bells ringing below its eye. To add to the holiday spirit, Hammond is thrown into a Santa suit that comes with a thick, white beard.

Submarine (Anniversary event)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Submarine earns the Legendary label for gifting Wrecking a dramatically different face plate, displaying the hero with a massive, yellow eye. Of course, you can expect to find apparent sea captain Hammond along for the ride too.