Every Memory Meadow puzzle piece in Astro’s Playroom

Here’s every puzzle piece you can find in Memory Meadow.

Memory Meadow is a world with Artefacts looking back on the original PlayStation console and its accessories. As you continue through the levels, you will deal with wind and different cloud environments, traveling in the middle of an electric storm and rolling above the clouds. While most of the collectibles in Astro’s Playroom can be relatively easy to find, a few can also be missed. Here are all of the puzzle pieces in Memory Meadow.

Gusty Gateway

Right off the start, you will find the first puzzle piece to the top right in front of you. Jump up the cord on the left and work your way over to it.

Soon after that, the second puzzle piece will be in front of the cloud trying to blow you away.

When you slide down a hill, there will be a cameraman reference to Death Stranding. The third puzzle piece is to the left of them.

The last puzzle piece in this section will be in the rainy bit of the level. A cameraman will be filming a Heavy Rain reference underneath an awning. Jump and boost yourself on top of there, then jump over to the nearby piece.

Fastlane Fields

When you jump into the ball suit, roll forward into the grassy field until you see a small bridge with coins that appear on top of it. The first puzzle piece will appear below it.

The next puzzle piece is on the road ahead; you cannot miss it.

The third puzzle piece will be found when you roll near a stone PlayStation controller. Instead of continuing through the path beyond the controller, move to the right. You will see some traffic cones leading to a rainbow bounce pad that will launch you into the puzzle piece above.

The final puzzle piece will require you to hug the right side of the track after leaving the stone controller. Eventually, the path will split. Stay on the right side to grab it. If you miss it, fall to your death and you will respawn before the course to give it a go again.


Once you reach the first checkpoint, pull the cords ahead of you for a bounce pad and platforms to jump up the cloud walls. To the left will be a platform that looks like it cannot be reached. If you look towards its base, there is a drop with a coin hovering over a bounce platform. Bounce to the top and blow into the controller at the windmill to reveal a new challenge section. Proceed to the end to earn this puzzle piece.

Continue onto the main path and you will ride a pink platform that requires you to jump over electric fields. The second puzzle piece is in one of these gaps.

The third puzzle piece is also among the main path. Eventually, you will reach a group of four platforms being struck by lightning and the collectible floating in the gap. You will need to time your jumps right to grab the piece and not die. Don’t worry, though — all you have to do is grab the piece, and it will save to your collection even if you die.

The final piece in Electrocloud is immediately after the previous one. Once you hit the next checkpoint, you will see a giant television slamming into the ground. Go past it on the path, and you will see two darkened clouds leading back to it. Jump on top of the TV, and it will raise you to the puzzle piece.

Bumper Broadway

After being raised in Bumper Broadway, jump into the ball suit and roll along the path until you reach a pinball inspired section with bowling pins moving around. Begin to knock down all the pins circling the bumper in the middle for it to rise and reveal the first puzzle piece.

The second piece is in the same area as the first. Roll to the left and you can bounce onto a roller track that will fling you into it.

When you reach the point where the track turns into ice, keep rolling until you get launched over a small gap. On the other side of this gap, move back to the right for the puzzle piece.

For the final piece in Memory Meadow, continue on the main path and you will find it sitting next to a big bumper.