Every Overwatch Summer Games event skin

Every single skin that has been released during the Overwatch Summer Games event.

Overwatch is well known for the seasonal events it holds throughout the year. Of those events, the Summer Games celebrates sports, the Olympics, and general warm weather fun.

The Summer Games take place every August and bring the timed arcade event Lucioball. As with other Overwatch events, this includes brand new voice lines, emotes, highlight intros, and skins for your characters.

Here is a complete list of every cosmetic skin the event has brought.


Lifeguard Pharah

Surf’s Up Echo

Tropical Baptiste

Karate Doomfist

Feskarn Brigitte

Union Jack Tracer

Sand Castle Bastion

Ice Cream Orisa


Surf N’ Splash Torbjörn

Wave Hanzo

Kendoka Genji

Lúcioball Wrecking Ball

Zhangguo Mei

Bundesadler Reinhardt

American Reaper


Waveracer D.Va

Cabana Ana

Catcher Winston

Fastball Zenyatta

Gridironhardt Reinhardt

Lacross Roadhog

Eireannach Moira

Mexicana Sombra

Tre Kronor Brigitte


Biker Reaper

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Cote D’Azur Widowmaker

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Cricket Junkrat

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Grillmaster 76 Soldier 76

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Lifeguard McCree

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Tulum Sombra

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Winged Victory Mercy

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Sprinter Tracer

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Track and Field Tracer

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Champion Zarya

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Weightlifter Zarya

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Selecao Lucio

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Striker Lucio

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American McCree

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Eidgenossin Mercy

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Nihon Genji

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Taegeukgi D.Va

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Tre Kronor Torbjorn

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Tricolore Widowmaker

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