Every SSD Speedway puzzle piece in Astro’s Playroom

Grab every mural puzzle piece in SSD Speedway.

Like the other worlds in Astro’s Playroom, SSD Speedway pays homage to past PlayStation games and consoles. This world features Artefacts connected to the PlayStation 2 and has the high speed and futuristic feel of a cyberpunk future. Each level once again features four puzzle pieces that will fill out a mural in the PlayStation Labo. Here are all of the puzzle pieces in SSD Speedway.

Turbo Trail

At the very beginning of the level, turn around and jump to the platform. Do your jump boost over the glass and bounce to the first puzzle piece.

When you reach the second DualSense controller and need to hang glide through the air, move to the right and fly through a loop for the second puzzle piece.

The next puzzle piece is found during the second hang gliding phase. Near the end, fly towards the middle of the X made of coins, and it will appear.

Immediately after the last puzzle piece, move to the left on the platform you are on. You will notice a secret pathway to a Silent Hill reference behind the robots working on their carts. Beyond that is the last puzzle piece for this level.

Caching Caves

While in the rocket, blast upwards and into the caves until you notice a hole in the ground — dropdown it to find the first puzzle piece, some coins, and a Vib-Ribbon reference.

The second piece can be found soon after. You will find a bunch of dynamite robots scattered along the floor. Boost yourself just above them while they explore, revealing a cavern with the piece and more coins.

At the point where you start seeing electric wires protruding out of the walls, drop down and to the right. You will find the third puzzle piece just below a spider web.

When you get out of the rocket suit, jump down to the right before going through the door in front of you. Boost yourself over the glass to get the puzzle piece.

Deep Dataspace

Once you get out of the previous puzzle piece’s room, walk straight forward into the grass surrounding the rock. Walk around to the back of it, and coins and a puzzle piece will appear.

Now move back to the door and drop down to the right when facing it. Hold down the square button to charge up a spinning attack and stand in the middle of the three flower-like screws. Unleash the spin attack, and the platform will rise, revealing the puzzle piece.

Continue in the level until you reach a bouncing pad that launches a robot into the depths below. Take the first bounce, but instead of bouncing up further, jump down to the right. You will see a giant glass box and a LittleBigPlanet reference. To the left of the reference, you will find a small indentation with the third puzzle piece of the level.

At the next checkpoint, you will find another dynamite robot like the ones from Caching Caves. Use the boost to light it on fire — it will destroy the ground it stands on and show you the final puzzle piece here.

Orbital Obstacles

In the rocket suit, blast up to the first asteroid. It will be filled with water and houses the first puzzle piece.

Get to the next checkpoint, and instead of going up further, navigate past the electric mines to the right around the asteroid to find an entrance with another puzzle piece.

The third puzzle piece is on the main path. Eventually, you will come into a red circular room with electric mines spinning around it and a puzzle piece in their midst. Time your move and control your boosts properly to grab it.

After going up the hallway from the previous puzzle piece, you will be in a room trying to blow you into the electric floor or mine below. Properly use your boost to grab the puzzle piece floating just above the floor.