Every The Sims 4 Supernatural & Spooky Pack to Evoke the Spirit of Halloween

Help your Sims get into the spooky season spirit with these magical and mysterious The Sims 4 game and stuff packs

Sims 4 Spooky Vibes Image

Image via EA

Just like us, Sims celebrate a variety of familiar and downright bizarre occasions throughout their calendar years. However, one holiday that doesn’t really show up on the Sim schedule of annual events is Halloween.

That said, The Sims 4 has brought us a variety of magical and spooky DLCs over the years that allow us to bring our Halloween vibes to the game whenever we want. This October, give your Sims something to scream about with these supernatural additions to your game.

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Vampires Game Pack

Sims 4 Vampires Pack
Image via EA

Can you even have Halloween without vampires? Thankfully, your Sims don’t have to go without a little blood-sucking fun with the Vampires game pack. This pack adds the ability to create vampiric Sims and adds some vampire NPCs to your game who can bite or turn their human counterparts.

As a vampire in The Sims 4, you can toggle between your human visage and a “dark form” to spook your guests. You also gain special powers that level up as you become a more powerful vampire. This game pack also adds a ton of vintage, gothic items to Create a Sim and Build Mode so you can design a whole spooky manor for your scary family to inhabit.

Game pack DLCs for The Sims 4 are priced at $19.99 USD, so that’s what it’ll cost you to add vampire vibes to your base game.

Strangerville Game Pack

The Sims 4 Strangerville Pack
Image via EA

If alien invasions and unexplained events are your scary stuff of choice, the Strangerville game pack is a must. This adds the Strangerville world to your game, where you can explore the military base and uncover the secrets of the weird purple plants and possessed Sims wandering around.

This pack is a great addition if you want a bit more of a story to follow, as your Sims won’t be able to avoid the bizarre realities of their new home for very long. There are some additions to Create a Sim and Build mode, which also bring in some military and secret agent vibes.

Like most game packs, Strangerville is priced at $19.99 USD.

Realm of Magic Game Pack

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Pack
Image via EA

Witches and wizards, this one is for you! Realm of Magic lets you create magic user Sims, who can learn all kinds of useful and mischievous spells. You can also enter a secret world of magical folks and items to collect. Your magically inclined Sims can bond with a familiar, ride a broom, and mix up potions (or a group helping of chili) in their cauldron.

Realm of Magic also adds witchy items to Create a Sim, so you can give your witch or wizard the attire to suit their style. Build mode additions are similarly supernatural with cozy witch’s cottage vibes.

Magic isn’t free, and gaining access to the Realm of Magic is $19.99 USD.

Werewolves Game Pack

The Sims 4 Werewolves Pack
Image via EA

Twilight fans who fell on the side of Team Jacob will appreciate that this The Sims 4 game pack adds werewolves to the game so vampire Sims don’t have all the fun. Werewolf Sims are affected by the phases of the moon and have their own set of temperaments, abilities, and life events. You can choose what pack dynamic your werewolves have, making them part of a group or more of a lone wolf.

This game pack also adds werewolf lore to your game so that even non-wolfish Sims can learn about the lycanthropes among them. Create a Sim additions include ripped-up post-transformation clothes, wolf costumes, and some punk rock vibes. Build Mode also gets some add-ons from this game pack, including mysterious scratches for your walls and some wolf-themed decor to celebrate your Sims’ wild side.

Uncovering lycanthropy in The Sims 4 will cost $19.99 for this game pack add-on.

Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu
Image via EA

This Star Wars-themed game pack gets the “supernatural & fantasy” label from EA, so it earns a spot on this list. If your idea of a great Halloween costume is dressing as a Jedi, Sith, or Storm Trooper, this game pack will give you all that and more for your Sims’ virtual lives.

Journey to Batuu lets you travel to the world of Batuu, where your Sim can have an impact on the balance of the force. This pack includes iconic Star Wars characters from the franchise, like Rey and Kylo Ren, and your Sim can earn enough influence to meet them and join their cause.

Create a Sim gets a Jedi makeover with this stuff pack, which adds all sorts of attire inspired by Star Wars. You can also add all kinds of futuristic, intergalactic items from Build Mode. And yes, there are lightsabers. Your ticket to Batuu, like most game packs for The Sims 4, will be $19.99.

Spooky Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack
Image via EA

Stuff packs are mostly focused on new clothes and objects and less on gameplay experiences, though they sometimes add new options for your Sims to interact with their world. This pack is basically Halloween for your Sims. It adds a variety of Halloween costume options to Create a Sim. Spooky Stuff also gives you new interactable Build Mode items like a pumpkin carving station and a spooky candle bowl that just might grab you back.

With the Spooky Stuff pack, you get the option to throw a Halloween-style party for your Sims, complete with scary treats and a few tricks as well. Stuff packs are the smallest DLCs for The Sims 4, and this haunted pack will run you $9.99 USD.

Paranormal Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack
Image via EA

If things aren’t haunted enough for your Sims, this pack will add some more ghostly goodies to your game. The Paranormal Stuff pack adds haunted house lots to your game, which are inhabited by ghostly roommates. This DLC also adds the ability to hold seances or hire a skeletal maid.

Not content to hire a medium to cleanse your cursed objects or speak with the dead? Your Sim can learn the new Mediumship skill on their own and even get a license to help other locals rid themselves of spiritual problems.

The Paranormal Stuff Pack is priced at $9.99 USD.

No matter what your particular spooky vibes are, it’s likely that one of these packs for The Sims 4 will bring just the right dash of supernatural to your gaming experience.