Everything about Doom: Eternal’s extra life mode

Make Doom: Eternal even more difficult.

Image via Bethesda

For those who want a little extra challenge to their Doom: Eternal campaign journey, extra life mode is a viable option. When you start a brand new game of Doom: Eternal, you can choose to turn on this modifier. It’s not a game difficulty mode because you can select any of the four options, but it adds a unique aspect to your game.

You have to choose this mode at the start of your campaign. You can find at the bottom, right under Ultra-Nightmare. You can attach it to any of the four difficulties, such as the lowest being I’m Too Young To Die or the hardest being Nightmare. What extra life mode is going to do is prevent you from coming back to your campaign if you die with no extra lives in reserve. When you run out of lives, and then you die, you start at the beginning of the game and go from there. It does not matter how far you were in the campaign or how many checkpoints you had. You start over and try it all over again.

It’s a brutal game mode. While the extra lives are scattered throughout each level of Doom: Eternal, and there are plenty to go around, it turns them into prized items and makes the game exceedingly more difficult. For anyone who wanted to add to the intensity of the game, this is a great way to modify the current dynamic and make those intense encounters against Marauders and slayer gates far more difficult.

If you want to add the extra life mode to your campaign, you need to do so from the beginning. There are multiple save slots available in Doom: Eternal, so if you wanted to experiment and try it out, you don’t have to sacrifice your primary campaign to do so.