Everything to know about the Brawl Pass in Brawl Stars

A Brawl Pass is coming to Brawl Stars.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars is a battle arena action mobile game that has a variety of different game modes available in it where you can choose one of several different characters to play. They all consist of unique abilities, giving you plenty of diversity each time you play. A feature in the game is called Brawl Pass, and it allows players to earn rewards based on how much they play progressively. The more you play, the more rewards you receive, and if you purchase the premium version of the Brawl Pass, you receive exclusive items for your additional payment.

The first Brawl Pass season is called Tara’s Bazaar. It comes with a guaranteed new Brawler for everyone who purchases the premium track, and you’ll be able to see everything you can unlock ahead of time. The Brawl Pass will be available for 170 gems, which equates out to $9.99. There is a free pass available with several rewards, much like the premium pass. The free rewards are not as high quality compared to the premium track, but they’re still available for everyone to earn while they play the game.

There are no gameplay enhancements for having the Brawl Pass, merely available cosmetics, and access to individual loot boxes called big boxes on the track. However, those who purchase the premium Brawl Pass will gain access to the new brawler, Gale, who is releasing alongside the Brawl Pass. Everyone else needs to attempt to loot him, and he’s apart of the new chromatic loot drop, which is exceptionally legendary and challenging to obtain.

Missions are also releasing for players who want to advance across the track at a quicker rate. You can expect to see missions where you need to heal as a particular brawler, do damage as one, or attempt to complete a gameplay mode using a particular brawler. There will be free missions and missions only available to premium Brawl Pass players.

The Brawl Pass for Brawl Stars is expected to release on May 14, the same weel as the developer Supercell’s 10th anniversary.