Everything we know about Demon’s Souls on PS5

The unforgiving world and gameplay return with remade graphics.

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

From Software’s dark fantasy adventure that started a saga is coming to the PlayStation 5. 

First released in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, Demon’s Souls immersed the player in a world filled with death, sorrow, and demons. It sparked a series later named Dark Souls and a couple of spiritual successors, such as Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceDemon’s Souls, known for challenging gameplay and unusual story elements, is returning to the PlayStation with a beautifully remastered version.

Is it a sequel? What’s different?

This isn’t a sequel or continuation of the series, but a remake of the one that started it all. According to PlayStation’s description on the YouTube trailer, the game is “rebuilt from the ground up” by Bluepoint Games. This means an entire graphics overhaul to bring the quality to PlayStation 5 standards. Bluepoint Games also remastered Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4, so we have a good idea of their quality and history.In a Twitter post, Nibel stated the game will have two graphics settings, one for fidelity and one for frame rate.

We aren’t sure what the difference is yet, and the description has been changed since. Previously, it said the game will have ray tracing and enhanced shadow effects, and now the description merely states “unparalleled visual quality.”

In the same Twitter thread, Nibel posted comparison screenshots from 2009 original and the 2020 trailer. The difference is impressive.

The improvement is significant. With improved shine, textures, shapes, and environments, the remake is already more immersive and daunting. Reddit takes it a step further with more screenshots comparing the two versions. 

What is Fractured Mode?

In Nibel’s first post and on Reddit, the original description on the YouTube trailer described a “Fractured Mode.” The details have since been removed from the video’s description. 

We aren’t sure what this Fractured Mode is or how it will impact the gameplay, but we’re excited to find out. 

Is Demon’s Souls a PS5 exclusive?

Yes, we anticipate that Demon’s Souls is a PlayStation 5 exclusive. The title is owned by Sony, and the 2009 version never branched out from the PS3. The Souls games later became Dark Souls and expanded across platforms. Sekiro followed suit for its release in 2019. Bloodborne also remains a PlayStation exclusive, despite the rumors.

When does Demon’s Souls come out on PS5?

As of yet, we only have an impressive gameplay trailer and some snippets of information. There is currently no release date or window for Demon’s Souls on the PS5.