Everything we know about PlayStation Studios

The PlayStation Studios will officially arrive alongside the PlayStation 5.

Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Announcement On April 4

Screengrab via Sony

Much like the Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, Sony has created a similar version of this called PlayStation Studios. It contains all of the first-party developers who’s titles will be making their way to the PlayStation 5. The studio will officially release alongside the PlayStation 5, sometime during Holiday 2020. Still, you can expect to see the logo and branding of the studio arriving on late titles releasing on the PlayStation 4.

You will only expect games that Sony directly has control over within this brand. It’s all first-party, so you will likely only find it coming to PlayStation products in the future, with a handful of products coming to other consoles.

Any game within this brand will receive the above introduction during startup. It’s similar to what Marvel has done for its movies in Cinema, following the distinct feature of a variety of brand characters, followed by a logo reveal. While the logo will likely remain the same moving forward, you can expect to see a variety of characters coming and going throughout the years as new products become more prominent highlights by the studio.

The creation of this studio is a way to push and share with customers what games are exclusively owned by Sony. The logo and animation will likely be shown off before trailers, gameplay reveals, and commercials, beyond the start of a video game on a PlayStation console.

You can expect to see it on other consoles too for specific games, such as the MLB The Show 21 when players boot up a Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series X.