Everything we know about The Witcher: Monster Slayer – Mobile gameplay, release date, free to play

Here is all you need to know about The Witcher: Monster Slayer.

Image via Spokko

CD Projekt Red has revealed The Witcher: Monster Slayer, an Augmented Reality game that will be making its way to Android and iOS. The game is being developed by Spokko, which is a part of the CD Projekt Red family. Here is all you need to know about The Witcher: Monster Slayer.

When will the game release?

As of now, Spokko hasn’t revealed the release date of the game.

Will it be free-to-play?

Yes, the game will be available to download for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

What will the gameplay be like?

The game is an AR-based exploration game, so players will need to explore the world around them to kill monsters, somewhat similar to the likes of games like Pokemon Go. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a role-playing game, although it predominantly revolves around hunting down monsters.

Just like the full Witcher games, players will need to use a tactical approach to take down the monsters, which involves brewing potions and oils and crafting bombs and monster baits. Apart from that, there are story-driven quests in the game as well, which will be inspired by the Witcher games and other lore. This adds a lot of depth and might help in keeping the game engaging in the long run.