Everything we know about horror game Transient – release date, gameplay, and features

A Lovecraftian cyberpunk thriller from the makers of Darkness Within?

Transient game
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Gamescom 2020 brought us some intriguing new information on the upcoming sci-fi horror title Transient. Developed by Stormling Studios, the makers of Darkness Within and Conarium, Transient will task players with untangling a dark mystery while traversing a giant, ominous futuristic city. Here is everything we know about Transient.

What is Transient?

The studio describes Transient as a “Lovecraftian cyberpunk thriller.” Lovecraft-inspired horror games are a dime a dozen and usually painfully formulaic and predictable. The fact that Transient’s protagonist is named Randolph Carter and the game takes place in a metropolis called Providence makes for a pretty bad start, but we choose to reserve judgment until the game is actually out. For what it’s worth, the trailer is very intriguing.

Transient gameplay

Transient is built in Unreal Engine 4 and will have players navigate between “real and artificially created worlds” as they untangle the game’s intricate story. While some portions of the game take place on the neon-bathed streets of Domed City Providence, others will seemingly take players on surreal journeys through neural and digital networks. Through it all, players will have to interact with bizarre and often menacing characters, and piece together bits of information to uncover a big, terrifying truth about the world they inhabit.

Transient release details

Transient releases some time in October, and will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. On PC, the game will be distributed through Steam.