Everything you need for Path of Exile Endless Heist – dates, rewards, and more

Get ready for ten days in the Rogue Harbour.

Image via Grinding Gears Games

Path of Exile’s packed slate of December events continues with another new challenge. Much like Endless Delve, this event restricts players to a small slice of Path of Exile, with rewards going to those who manage to progress the farthest. Prepare for ten days in the Rogue Harbour — it’s time for the Endless Heist.

When to play

The Endless Heist event runs for ten days, beginning December 17 at 12 PM PT and ending December 27 at 12 PM PT.


In Endless Heist, players will be limited to the Rogue Harbour and the various locations they will visit while taking on Contracts and Blueprints. The mode works like Heist in the normal game mode with a few changes.

You’ll no longer need to spend Rogue Markers to run Contracts and Blueprints. New Contracts will also drop in increased quantities, and are guaranteed to drop from the final display case in each run. Blueprints also have a chance of dropping from the final display case once you reach area level 50.

Players will still be able to purchase gems and turn in divination cards during the event from Lilly Roth, who will be present in the Rogue Harbour.

Players can participate in Endless Heist in standard, hardcore, standard solo self-found, and hardcore solo self-found modes. Characters and items from this event will not be transferred into the standard version of their league after the end of the event.


The top five players in each of the game’s Ascendancy Classes will receive a Demigod’s Authority unique one-handed sword. This sword, like a few other Demigod items, increases your character’s size.

Every player who reaches level 50 in Endless Heist will be awarded one Atlantis Mystery Box. The box contains a random selection of microtransaction items from two different sets of underwater-themed items: the Siren set and the Deepwater set. There is a limit of one box per account during this event.

Players who reach higher level thresholds during the event will also be entered in random drawings for the microtransaction items. A limited quantity of each item will be given out. Leveling up multiple characters will increase the odds of winning the drawings. All reward tiers are listed below. The available quantity of items is noted in parentheses.

  • Level 60: Scientist footprints effect, Azure Seraph weapon effect, Infernal helmet (1000 each)
  • Level 70: Divine Arcane portal effect, Havenwood portal effect, Sentinel portal effect (1000 each)
  • Level 80: Harlequin character effect, Stormcaller character effect, Infernal character effect (700 each)
  • Level 85: Wasteland Warrior armor set, Wrangler armor set, Necrotic armor set (200 each)
  • Level 90: Blackguard cloak, Seraph Grace wings, Rapture wings (200 each)
  • Level 95: Heartseeker wings, Angelic armor set, Automaton herald effect (50 each)

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