Everything you need to know about Today View in Pokémon Go

Optimize your time in Pokémon Go.

There are several events happening in Pokémon Go in quick succession. These events typically occur back-to-back, and because they release at specific times in a local time zone, some times events can be happening on the United States east coast, but there’s something new that released in New Zealand. It can be difficult to keep track of, but rather than consistently checking the Pokémon Go twitter page or blog website, you can use the Today View.

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You can locate the Today View in the lower-right portion of your screen, where you’d typically go to view the Field and Special tasks tabs. It’s represented by binoculars icon. Click on it, and a new screen pops up to show three tabs at the top listed out as Today, Field, and Special.

When you click on the Today tab, it breaks down several on-going things happening in Pokémon Go. Here are the details that come up in this section.

  • The special event, its name, and the various bonus occuring for that event
  • The current season of Pokémon Go, and when that ends
  • All special bonuses activate, and when they end
  • How many PokéCoins you have
  • How many Pokémon you have defending Gyms, and how long they’ve been there
  • Your Pokémon Catch and PokéStop spin streaks

If you’re ever curious about if an event has arrived to your time zone, you can always refer to the Today View tab to see if you can participate in it. If it hasn’t, you won’t see it in this menu, and you can see how much longer the current event will last, giving you an idea of when the next event occurs.