Everything you need to know about Today View in Pokémon Go

Optimize your time in Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

For those who love optimization, developer Niantic has created a brand new way to monitor your daily activities in Pokémon Go called Today View. The Today View breaks down various degrees of information to make playing Pokémon Go much easier, and gives you a chance to take stock of everything you’re doing in the game, broken down into a glance.

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You can locate the Today View in the area you’d usually go to view your Field and Special tasks, which is in the lower right-hand side of your screen with the binoculars icon. Click on it, and you should now see tabs for Today, Field, and Special.

When you click on the Today tab, it breaks down several on-going things happening in Pokémon Go. You can now see:

  • Events and the present special improves everyone receives during that time.
  • All the Pokémon you have at any gyms, their health, and how long they’ve been there.
  • All daily streaks, which include daily Pokémon catch and daily PokéStop spins.
  • Upcoming events coming to Pokémon Go in the near future.

If an event has ever surprised you, hopefully, you should be a bit more prepared for whenever they pop up. The feature also details all of the bonuses you receive in a present event, making it far easier to see how you can take advantage of the current game, such as the Valentine’s Day event where you had increased spawns of pink Pokémon, lures lasting for six hours, and everyone received twice as many catch candy.

Check out this feature often to make sure you’re caught up in all the present on-goings of Pokémon Go. Now, you’ll never feel like you don’t know what’s going on.