WoW: How to Get Easy Exalted reputations with Magram and Gelkis

As of the Battle for Azeroth’s pre-patch, reaching Exalted reputation with both the Magram Clan Centaurs and Gelkis Clan Centaurs is possible!
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Reputations have long been an important part of the World of Warcraft experience. Increasing your reputation with the factions of Warcraft can lead to many rewards, including armor, battle pets, toys and even mounts! Earning Exalted reputation level with a faction, the maximum, will count towards earning player achievements.

World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth added a new tier to the Exalted reputation, offering great new rewards for reaching Exalted with 100 separate factions. Two factions featured in the classic reputation grind have long eluded players wishing to reach that illustrious Exalted reputation: Centaurs.

The Magram and Gelkis centaur, based out of Kalimdor’s Desolace zone, are rivals clans. Players had to choose a side, earning reputation with one of the clans reduced your reputation with the other. Players haven’t been able to raise reputation with these clans since the Cataclysm hit, when their quests were removed from the game.

As of the Battle for Azeroth’s pre-patch, reaching Exalted reputation with both the Magram Clan Centaurs and Gelkis Clan Centaurs is possible! And it’s easy to boot.

How to reach Exalted with Magram Clan Centaurs and Gelkis Clan Centaurs

There was technically a way, ages ago (literally 10+ years ago), to earn reputation with both factions simultaneously, but not many players took advantage. Additionally, neither faction could be raised to Exalted stats. Both capped at just one point under Revered reputation.

So beautiful! Let’s not talk about Shen’dralar, though.

You can reach Exalted with both the Magram and Gelkis by completing a simple quest line in Desolace. You don’t need to have previously earned any reputation with either faction. Completing this quest will grant you whatever reputation you need with both factions. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Head out to Desolace to start the required quest chains

Travel to the Desolace zone, located on the continent of Kalimdor. Once you’ve arrived, head out to Karnum’s Glade, located in the Cenarion Wilds at the middle of the zone, to find Botanist Ferrah (58.5, 48.7)

Step 2: Complete Botanist Ferrah’s Quests

A nice, nature-loving night elf lass

Speak with Botanist Ferrah, and she’ll offer you the following two quests:

  • ! A Time to Reap
  • ! Pulling Weeds

Complete and turn in these quests, and a new quest will open up:

  • ! Taking Part

Complete this quest, and a new quest will pop up from a questgiver located just to the right of Botanist Ferrah, a nice gentleman named Garren Darkwind (58.4, 49.8).

Step 3: Complete Garren Darkwind’s Quests

Garren Darkwind will start you off with the following quest:

  • ! An Introduction Is In Order

Turn in this quest at the burly centaur bro located just a few feet away, Khan Leh’Prah. Kindly introduce yourself, and he’ll give you the following quest:

  • ! Breakout!
Your new centaur bestie, Khan Leh’Prah

A new quest will also open up from Garren Darkwind, and it is required to complete in order to open up Khan Leh’Prah’s following quest, so be sure to pick up this quest as well:

  • ! Cenarion Property

Step 4: Complete Khan Leh’Prah’s quests for the Magram

Head out to Magram Territory, directly East of the Cenarion Wilds, and kill the Magram Warden holding a group of Kolkar centaur captive. While you’re there, be sure to grab the Cenarion Supply Crates, found mostly inside the centaur huts, required for Garren’s quest.

Some sort of centaur prison camp

Once you turn in these two quests, Khan Leh’Prah will offer a new quest:

  • ! Delicate Negotiations

Khan Leh’Prah will offer to take you over to the quest area. You cannot simply fly over to Magram Territory without the Khan. Speak to the Khan and tell him, “I am ready to do battle with the Magram clan!” and you’ll hop up onto his back and he’ll take you to the quest area. Your hotbar will be replaced with a single ability, Place Spear, which you’ll use once you get to the Fatherstone. This will, ideally, spawn a Kolkar army.


Annoyingly, if you happen to reach the Fatherstone at the same time as another player, you’ll fail at placing the Spear if they beat you to it. The Khan will take you all the way back to Karnum’s Glade. You won’t see the other player, but you’ll see a Kolkar Centaur ride up that looks strangely just like yours, and you may notice redundant NPC dialog in your chat window.

The quest failing when more than one player attempts

Once you’ve successfully defeated the waves of attacking Magram centaur, Khan Kammah (71.7, 45.5) will show up, and you’ll turn in Delicate Negotiations.

Step 5: Completing Khan Kammah’s quests

Strangely, despite the fact that you just killed a bunch of his crew, all Khan Kammah’s interested in is getting his hands on some delicious basilisk flanks. He’ll give you the following quest:

  • ! Will Work For Food

Head back over near Cenarion Wilds and kill basilisk until you’ve gotten all the flanks he need. Seriously, who all is he expecting to be able to feed with a measly five basilisk flanks?

Once you’ve turned this quest in, he’ll give you a new quest, sending you back to Khan Leh’Prah:

  • ! My Word is My Bond

Step 6: Complete Khan Leh’Prah’s quests for the Gelkis

Once you’ve turned in “My Word is My Bond,” Khan Leh’Prah will offer a new quest:

  • ! Three Princes

Again, you’re going to win the favor of the enemy clan by killing some of their dudes. Centaur politics are weird. Head out to Gelkis Village, located in Southwest Desolace, and kill the three named centaur.

Khan Shodo, located in Gelkis Village

Once you’ve slain the centaur princes, you’ll be able to turn it in at Khan Shodo (40.5, 95.4), also located in Gelkis Village. Don’t let the ? on the minimap fool you, he’s not down the road. Instead, he’s located inside a cave at the end of a long bridge at the Southernmost center of the village. Head deep into the cave, slaying even more Gelkis centaur in your path, until you reach the Khan and turn in “Three Princes.”

Khan Shodo is inside this Gelkis Village cave

Step 7: Complete Khan Shodo’s quests

Shodo’s not really happy about you having killed all his sons. However, his priority is in finding his daughter, Kherrah, who was kidnapped by yet another centaur clan, the Maraudine. He’ll give you the following quest:

  • ! Not So Fast!

All of the Gelkis in the cave will now become neutral, which is good because we don’t really want to upset the Khan any more. Leave the cave and head over to Maraudon (the overworld region, not the dungeon), located in western Desolace.

You’ll reach an area called the Valley of Spears, and there you’ll need to kill the Maraudine Maulers required for “Not So Fast!” Unfortunately, only the Maulers will count for the quest, not Windchasers, Scouts, Wranglers, or any other centaur careers you happen to come across.

Step 8: Obtain the Maraudine Prisoner Manifest

Once you have “Not So Fast!” in your quest log, a Maraudine Mauler will drop the Maraudine Prisoner Manifest which starts “Behind Closed Doors.” You should receive a quest item from one of the first Maulers you slay. This quest item will not drop unless you are on the “Not So Fast!” quest, so there’s no skipping the previous quests.

Head into Maraudon (the cavern, still not the dungeon), and navigate through the spooky centaur ghosts until you reach a locked cave with Khan Shodo’s daughter, Kherrah, inside. You don’t actually have to complete “Not So Fast!” in order to finish the questline and reach Exalted.

Step 9: Free Kherrah and set the wheels (hooves?) of change in motion

Kherrah, located in the Maraudon cavern

Turn in “Behind Closed Doors” at Kherrah, setting her free to return to her father. Before she leaves, she’ll give you a new quest:

  • ! Time For Change

Kherrah’s quest sends you back to Khan Leh’Prah. You might notice a glowing Broken Relic nearby, offering the quest “While You’re Here,” but you can ignore that one.

Now you’re heading over to Shok’Thokar, located just south of Magram Territory, and speaking with Khan Leh’Prah again. Turn in “Time For Change,” and the Khan will offer a new quest:

  • ! Into the Fray!

Step 10: Ride into battle against the centaur clans’ “common foe”

Khan Leh’Prah will once again offer the opportunity to ride him into battle against the Burning Blade, only this time you can decline. Kill the demons and warlocks required for the quest, along with their princess, and return to Khan Leh’Prah to turn in “Into The Fray!”

He’ll offer a new (and the final) quest:

  • ! Death to Agogridon

Hop on his back again and head out. Fly over to the quest area on your map, at the end of a long road in the Shadowbreak Ravine, and upon your arrival, Khan Leh’Prah will arrive with his troops to assist you in slaying the pit lord Agogridon. Slay Argogridon and you’ll be able to turn in the “Death to Agogridon” quest.

Upon doing so, you’ll be granted enough experience to reach Exalted status with both the Magram Clan Centaur and the Gelkis Clan Centaur. Congrats!

Sweet reputation gains and a trident!

If you’ve already done these quests (or you’re not sure)

If you’ve already done this quest chain, post-Cataclysm, never fear! You can still pick up those sweet chunks of reputation by heading out to the Cenarion Wilds and speaking with Karnum Marshweaver (57.4, 47.7) and he will award you with the required reputation. He’s located in the center of the shrine at the appropriately named Karnum’s Glade, near the other quest givers.

Karnum, located in Karnum’s Glade

If you’re not sure if you’ve completed this questline in the past, you can check if you’ve completed “Death to Agogridon” by entering this script in your chat window:

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(14394))

TL;DR, no spoilers version

Complete the following quests, in order, starting at Karnum’s Glade, in the Cenarion Wilds, located in the Desolace zone:

Botanist Ferrah, in Karnum’s Glade, Desolace

  • A Time to Reap
  • Pulling Weeds
  • Taking Part

Garren Darkwind, in Karnum’s Glade

  • An Introduction Is In Order
  • Cenarion Property

Khan Leh’Prah, in Karnum’s Glade

  • Breakout!
  • Delicate Negotiations

Khan Kammah, in Magram Territory

  • Will Work For Food
  • My Word is My Bond

Khan Leh’Prah, in Magram Territory

  • Three Princes

Khan Shodo, in Gelkis Village

  • Not So Fast!

Once you have this quest, kill Maraudine Mauler outside of Maraudon to obtain Maraudine Prisoner Manifest.

  • Behind Closed Doors

Kherrah, inside Maraudon’s cavern (not the dungeon)

  • Time for Change

Khan Leh’Prah, in Shok’Thokar

  • Into the Fray!
  • Death to Agogridon

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