10 Best settlements in Fallout 4

The best places to start your wasteland empire.

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Settlements are a unique feature that was added to the series by Bethesda, starting with Fallout 4. There have been mods like Real-Time Settler that added these same features to earlier games, but it wasn’t until Fallout 4 that the developers officially added the mechanics. There are plenty of locations to choose from to build your settlements, but the sad fact is some of them aren’t very good. Here is our list of the ten best settlement locations out of all the ones available in the game.

Spectacle Island

Screengrab via Fallout 4

This is the largest settlement in the game and is possibly the most fun to get. Spectacle Island is off the coast of the Commonwealth near the ruins of Quincy and the Warwick Homestead. The settlement is essentially your own private island, complete with a marina, a house, and a small shack for you to start with.

The biggest problem with Spectacle Island is the mirelurks and the inordinate amount of garbage you will need to scrap.

A large portion of the garbage is underwater, but the mirelurks can be scared off after you turn on a beacon. The island has a decent height limit but very little infrastructure. You can build whatever you want on this island and not have to worry too much about raiders or other attackers due to the natural defenses. If you grab a mod to get rid of build limits, you can turn it into your own Island city, a massive fortress, or just a place to hang your hat when you are sick of the hustle and bustle of the Commonwealth.

Sanctuary Hills

Screengrab via Fallout 4

This is the first settlement in the game and one of the largest you can get hold of. It is close to a Red Rocket that can be looted and turned into an outpost, and there are tons of materials that can be scrapped. It has a lot of room for growth and makes a nice base of operations.

There is plenty of space for farms, traders, and just about every kind of utility and settler you will ever need. The downside is that it is almost constantly under attack from raiders and can be a pain to defend if you haven’t built up your defenses early. It can also be a bit depressing to have to see Shaun and your Spouse’s old rooms. We recommend downloading a mod to repair the bridge that leads out of town.

Starlight Drive-In

Screengrab via Fallout 4

This is one of the largest settlements in the game. It provides a large canvas for you to build whatever you want. There are many cars, barrels, and other items lying around that can be scrapped to give you a nice pile of resources to get started. You can build a thriving settlement of survivors, an imposing fortress, or just a gallery to keep your knick-knacks. The sky is the limit for this location.

Bunker Hill

Screengrab via Fallout 4

This iconic location is built for strong trade routes and handling any raiders foolish enough to try and attack it. The settlement features a decent wall that can be further reinforced for better defenses. The settlement is already a thriving trade town, and you can capitalize on this to get plenty of caps and help move supplies around.

Even if you don’t do anything with it, you can still earn caps passively. The sooner you can get your hands on this settlement, the better; it will make the game a touch easier in the long run. The biggest downside to Bunker Hill is that you can’t do anything with the Obelisk in the middle of town.


Screengrab via Fallout 4

Covenant is a small town that doubles as a pre-built settlement. You’ll need to give it a little TLC to get it up and running completely, but it has loads of benefits. The entire town is surrounded by a wall that can be easily fortified with just basic defenses. There is also plenty of settlers already present for you to work with.

Among the residents is a robot named Deezer that can give you a can of lemonade once per day that heals you for 50 hit points. The downside to this settlement is that it is also one of the smallest in the game and doesn’t have a lot of room for customization.

Red Rocket stations

Screengrab via Fallout 4

These locations are available pretty early on and easily accessible. They are scattered all over the map and generally have a lot of good loot in them. It is easy to overlook these locations because they are a bit smaller, but they are invaluable for building supply chains and make excellent safe houses.

The Red Rocket locations are all located in good areas for creating Provisioner supply chains for your settlements. You can keep your settlements from running out of vital supplies and create an excess of resources for you to use at all of your workshops. If you invest in defenses you can also duck into any convenient Red Rocket when you are low on health or picked a bigger fight than you can handle.


Screengrab via Fallout 4

Graygarden offers a lot of customization options and can be completely self-sustaining with minimal upkeep. The settlement comes with a built-in garden and greenhouse with some Mister Handys to maintain it all for you. You can create a steady supply of food and ingredients without ever needing to tend to the robots. Attach it to a supply chain, and you can keep other settlements fed with little effort. There is also a freeway overpass nearby that you can build on to create defensive emplacements or any utilities you may want.

Vault 88

Screengrab via Fallout 4

If you have ever wanted to have your very own vault, this is your chance to have one. Vault 88 can be found in a small cave beneath the Quincy Quarries raider base. You’ll need to clear out the raiders, some radscorpions, and complete some short quests to get full access, but it is well worth the work. The vault features a large number of passages and chambers that can be converted into anything you need. You can also unlock more room by finding control boards throughout the vault.

Abernathy Farm

Screengrab via Fallout 4

The Abernathy Farm has the highest build limit in the game and a very large build area to play with. You can expand the farm to give yourself a large supply of agricultural items and keep your supply chains flush with food. Or you can build a towering citadel to act as your headquarters. No matter what you choose to do, this is a good settlement to grab early on.

Finch Farm

Screengrab via Fallout 4

At first look Finch Farm is unassuming. What makes this little farm so unique is its location. It is found beneath a freeway overpass. The maximum build height for this settlement reaches the overpass so you can build on top of it. You can turn the overpass into extra housing, make it a strong defensive emplacement, or just make a watchtower for you to look around the area. It comes with a cooking station, a water pump, and a small house. There is also a small farm available that can be expanded to meet your needs.