Far Cry 5 Money Guide: Best Ways To Make Money Fast

In Far Cry 5, you can make money and busy some really useful items that are expensive. You can buy weapons, vehicles, helicopters, etc using that money and there are certain ways by which you can make money really fast in the game. With having a lot of cash with you can fill up your inventory with really valuable weapons. In this guide, you can get tips on how to earn money really fast in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Money Farming Guide

Tips To Make Money Fast

Harris Residence:

Far Cry 5 Money Farming - Harris Residence Image Far Cry 5 Money Farming - Harris Residence Image 2

Harris residence is one place where you can catch Hares, which is one of the most valuable animals in Far Cry 5. It is possible to get $10,000 in every 20 minutes in the game. To visit Harris Residence look on the west of Holland Valley, look on the map below, it is in the mountains. You can use different fast travel points to reach the location. Before you reach you have to gather two Hunting Perks that will increase your chances of making more money. First is Harvest Master, it cost 8 points. If you have this perk instead of one skin from an animal you get two. Second is Journey Pack, it cost 7 points. This will increase your backpack capacity, you can carry more items with you. One additional perk you can get is King of the Jungle that cost 6 points. It will reduce the damage you take while animals attack you.

Take Boomer with you, because the dog will mark prey on your HUD in white, red one is dangerous. If you want a specialist then you can take Jess with you, with her Feral Friendly pack, the animal won’t run away from her. Keep a bow with you, the loot you get changes on the basis of weapons you use. Like if you shoot a Deer you get one skin, but if you kill the animal by bow you get two.

The good point of Harris Residence is there are a lot of animals around. You can expect an Alpha Hare Skin here. Look around the house, near the garage you might spot the hare. There are many spawn points where you can get the Hare. If you use a bow to kill the hare, you get 4 skins. Each cost $350 so you get around $1200 in one kill.

There is Wolverine hunting spot nearby, you spot them easily and you will find a lot of them. Each hunt will reward you with $400 Alpha wolverine skin. Look on the right side of Harris Residence. To get a black bear look on the southeast or northeast side of the horse, there are maximum chances you will spot one and you can loot $300 Bear Skin. Also on the south side of the house, you will see woods, there you can get a lot of Deer. Alpha Deer Skin will worth $300. Towards the northeast side of the house a bit ahead towards the hill you will reach an open field, where you can hunt some Elk. Each Elk skin worth $190.

Far Cry 5 Money Farming - Bison Hunting Image 1 Far Cry 5 Money Farming Bison Hunting Image 2

Look at the map location above, you can find a lot of Bison’s to hunt. Each Bison skin worth around $200. By killing Bison you also get a bait that can be used to call other animals like Bear, Cougar, Wolves, etc. When you are using the baits, use one at a time, throw it and wait back for the animal to appear. Once you kill it, then throw another one.


Carry a sniper all the time, bows are good, but through Sniper you can quietly take down distant animals. Always keep one in your inventory. And try to aim for the head, if you have a good rifle you can kill down an animal in one shot. Rifles are fine when you are shooting down animals who are summoned after throwing baits, you can go near and shoot them. Shotgun and Submachine gun is good to shoot animals nearby.

More Ways To Make Money Fast

  1. Play Game Missions: Each region has various missions, after completing them you can earn good cash in the end. So try playing as much as possible. After you are done defeating the main boss of the region you get more bonus money for playing side mission in that region.
  2. Liberate Outposts in Stealth Mode: There is the cult outpost in every region, and these outposts are heavily guarded by peggies. If you can liberate them quietly without causing any havoc then you can earn a $1000 bonus for perfect liberation.
  3. Prepper Stashes: There are prepper stashes in the game, which are like hidden treasures. These are connected with different treasure hunting missions in the game, you will spot them as green jewel icon on the map. So if you find one play it.
  4. Safes: In many buildings and different locations you can find Safes. It is necessary to carefully look around to find them. You can open them remote explosives. By Locksmith perk you can open them also. You can use Blowtorch also but that requires Repair Torch perk.
  5. Sell Animals Skins and Fish: Hunting and Fishing both are an integral part of Far Cry 5, you can sell the animal skins or fishes to make some hundreds of dollars.
  6. Sell Loots: There are many items you will gather and add them to your inventory, you can sell them off if not needed. You can sell maps, magazines, etc for $180.
  7. Silver Bars: You can buy Silver Bars with real money in Far Cry 5.

Price List:

  • Alpha black bearskin – $300
  • Alpha deer skin – $300
  • Alpha hare skin – $350
  • Alpha moose skin – $350
  • Alpha wolverine skin – $400
  • Bison skin – $200
  • Black bear skin – $185
  • Boar skin – $170
  • Caribou skin – $190
  • Cougar skin – $225
  • Damaged meat – $5
  • Damaged skin – $5
  • Deer skin – $180
  • Elk skin – $190
  • Feather – $100
  • Grizzly skin – $185
  • Hare skin – $300
  • Moose skin – $200
  • Pronghorn skin – $180
  • Skunk skin – $170
  • Wolf leader skin – $225
  • Wolfskin – $170
  • Wolverine skin – $170

After getting enough cash in your pocket you can buy Weapons, Weapons Mods, Bulletproof Vest, Outfits and Vehicles in Far Cry 5. It is recommended not to spend a lot of money on the ammo, you can get them on various locations in the game. For more updates on the game, you can also read our Far Cry 5 Wiki Guide.

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