Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars DLC Universal Blueprint Locations

To unlock all the weapons in Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars DLC you will need Universal Blueprints. These Blueprints are awarded after the end of levels, and there are different locations where you can find them. In this guide, you can find all location of Universal Blueprint that you can use to unlock all the weapons in the game.

Lost On Mars Universal Blueprint Locations

Universal Blue Print Locations

Blueprints are unlocked after completing specific missions and objectives in Lost of Mars DLC. Below are the locations where you can find them.

Universal Blueprint 1 Location:

  • Unlocks Space Wings.
  • Finish Robot Repair Center Terminal Mission to unlock this blueprint.

Universal Blueprint 2 Location:

  • Unlocks Grape Popper
  • Complete Desert of Despair Antenna mission.

Universal Blueprint 3 Location:

  • Space Bandage 2.
  • Go to Solar System Observatory, you will have to kill the alien creatures here using Power Glove as none of your weapons will work.

Universal Blueprint 4 Location:

  • Unlocks Hellfire.
  • Go to the Desert of Despair Mining Station, you will have to clear the area and reboot the terminal.

Universal Blueprint 5 Location:

  • Unlocks Tazer Spazer Annihilazer.
  • Go to Robots Creation Center located on the east-end of Pits of Peril Antenna. You have to deploy a repair bot here and protect it from the malfunctioned bots unless it fixes the terminal.

Universal Blueprint 6 Location:

  • Unlocks Swiss Army Knife suit upgrade.
  • Clear Pits of Peril Antenna from alien infestation.

Universal Blueprint 7 Location:

  • Unlocks Hellfire.
  • Go to Terraformer a facility located in the mountains. Reboot the terminal.

Universal Blueprint 8 Location:

  • Unlocks Nut Hugger Pistol.
  • You have to visit Robot Storage Facility located on the south-west side of Desolate Dunes Antenna.

Universal Blueprint 9 Location:

  • Unlocks The Obliteratorrr.
  • You can get a blueprint from this at Geological Research Center, you have to kill the queen here and reboot the terminal to unlock the blueprint.

Universal Blueprint 10 Location:

  • Unlocks The Reinforcer Suit Upgrade.
  • Complete Desolate Dunes Antenna, similar to other antenna’s you have to clear the infestation and kill the queen.

Universal Blueprint 11 Location:

  • Unlocks Consumption Regulator Suit Upgrade.
  • Complete Desolate Dunes Mining Station to unlock this blueprint.

Most of the blueprints will be unlocked automatically once you complete various location based missions. You can read our Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars DLC Ending Walkthrough for more details on each objective. For more similar guides and tips, you can also read our Far Cry 5 Wiki Guide.