Far Cry 5 – The Best Perks To Buy With Your Perk Points

In Far Cry 5 you can choose between a range of perks. During the course of play, you earn Perk Points that can be used to upgrade your character. You can also earn Perk Points by finding certain magazines hidden throughout the world. How you actually spend your Perk Points can dramatically impact your game. Some Perks are absolutely essential for finishing certain missions in the game, or just making life much easier. In this guide, I will run through what I think are the most important Perks to get as early as you can.

Skill Tree
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The Best Perks


The wingsuit perk is both cheap, and useful. The map in the game is quiet large, and being able to wingsuit across it is really fun. It also helps to be able to jump out of airplanes and fly under your own power.


The parachute and the wingsuit go hand in hand. In fact, you should probably grab the parachute first. The parachute isn’t just useful for stopping you from plummeting to your death, it can also be extremely useful to help you get onto an awkward roof when you need to. I’ve had to do this three times so far, for various reasons.

Human Fish

This perk allows you to swim faster, and hold your breath for longer. This can be extremely helpful when you are trying to sneak into Outposts or enemy areas. The fast swim speed also helps a lot if you find yourself needing to swim away from angry cultists.


The grapple allows you to climb to places that you may not be able to reach otherwise. At least two missions I have played so far needed this perk, so I would absolutely recommend grabbing it.

Additional Holster

This perk is a little more expensive than most, but is vital. Having a range of weapons on you at any one time is very important. It’s nice to have a quality handgun, my trusts Stars and Stripes rifle and a rocket launcher with me for when things get hairy.

Weapons Collector

The only thing better than three guns, is four guns. This perk will open up your final weapon slot. To get it, you not only need perk points, but you also need to kill a Lieutenant. To find out how, check our our handy guide.

Health Boost

The Health Boost perks are a must buy on the tougher difficulties. They will greatly increase your survivability in the tougher parts of the game.


With several safes scattered around the map, you’ll soon feel bad leaving them unopened if you don’t unlock this perk.

Close Combat Mastery

This perk provides various benefits that are all useful. You can reload handguns faster, get less weapon sway and spread, and melee weapons will last longer.

That’s it for the top Perks so far. If I hit a point in the game where others prove themselves to be very useful I will update the list. Check out the rest of our high quality FAR CRY 5 GUIDES if you need help with any other aspect of the game.