FF7 Rebirth: All Confirmed New Playable Characters

These are the new characters

Image Via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will continue the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and some new faces will join Cloud Strife and his friends on their journey. Notably, not all of the playable characters from FF7 will join the party in FF7 Rebirth, which means you will have to use fewer beloved heroes than you might have expected.

As FF7 Remake only encompassed the Midgar section of the original game, Square Enix only made some of the characters from that section. This meant the party consisted of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith. Even Red XIII, who should have been playable in this game, was relegated to the role of an AI-controlled party member.

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Yuffie Is Finally Joining The Main Cast In FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Image via Square Enix

Yuffie was already made playable in FF7 Remake’s INTERmission DLC, but this was a separate entity from the main game, so you couldn’t play as her outside of her own storyline. This also meant that the Ramuh summon was out of reach, as it was restricted to the INTERmission DLC.

Yuffie’s time on the sidelines is ending, as she’s joining the party in FF7 Rebirth. This is actually a step up from FF7, where she was an optional party member and could be missed by the player. The Ramuh summon will also appear in FF7 Rebirth as a save unlock bonus.

It’s unclear exactly when Yuffie joins the party, but it will likely be after the Kalm flashback, as the INTERmission DLC ended with the party arriving in Kalm, so there’s not much wiggle room for her to join the group before then. She joins the group before Junon and will likely meet the party after they leave Kalm.

Red XIII Will No Longer Be An NPC In FF7 Rebirth

Image Via Square Enix

Poor Red XIII was nearly playable in FF7 Remake, but he was introduced to the story too late and forced to be an AI Party member. Red XIII’s time has almost arrived, as he will be a playable party member in FF7 Rebirth with his powers and abilities.

According to Square Enix, Red XIII will have a unique mechanic in FF7 Rebirth called Vengeance Mode. When this mode is active, Red XIII’s strength and speed are drastically increased, and he gains the ability to siphon hit points from the enemy. Vengeance Mode is tied to a gauge that fills up over time, and Red XIII can only use it when he has some meter left.

Cait Sith Makes His Return In FF7 Rebirth

Image Via Square Enix

Unfortunately, Cait Sith will also be making a comeback in FF7 Rebirth, in all of its immersion-breaking glory, with a bad Scottish accent in tow. The latest trailer for FF7 Rebirth has shown Cait Sith in action, with attacks themed around gambling mechanics, similar to his Limit Breaks from FF7. Cait Sith also has a command called “Mount,” suggesting two different move sets for the cat body on its own and for when it’s riding its giant plushie,

Sephiroth Will Be Playable In A Flashback

Sephiroth and Jenova energy in FF7 Rebirth
Image Via Square Enix

The overwhelming power of Sephiroth will soon be in the hands of fans, as he will be playable during the Kalm flashback in FF7 Rebirth, as he was in the original FF7. In the recent FF7 Rebirth trailer, Sephiroth and Cloud were shown using tandem moves against a monster that greatly resembles the Materia Keeper from FF7.

In FF7, the playable Sephiroth section was meant to demonstrate his overwhelming power compared to Cloud. Hopefully, this will be replicated in FF7 Rebirth, with the player being able to fully bring the might of the One-Winged Angel to bear.

Cid Highwind & Vincent Valentine Will NOT Be Playable In FF7 Rebirth

Image Via Square Enix

Unfortunately, we have to end things on sad news, as not all of the FF7 party members will be playable. The game’s developers have confirmed that Cid Highwind and Vincent Valentine will not join the party but will instead be AI-controlled characters, in the same manner as Red XIII in FF7 Remake.

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The developers have confirmed that FF7 Rebirth will end in the Forgotten Capitol, so it’s likely that the decision was made to relegate them due to how late they appear in the story. There’s a good chance that one or both of them will be made playable in whatever DLC FF7 Rebirth is given, similar to how Yuffie was made playable in the INTERmission DLC.