FIFA 20: Predicting The Best Player For Each Position

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In our continuing quest to bring you as much FIFA 20 news, articles, and guides that we can before the game is released, the good folks of Gamepur and myself had a little chat the other day and decided to put out a guide seeing if I can predict all the best players in each position. When FIFA 20 is finally launched, we can all have a look at it and have a good laugh at how completely wrong I was.

Before we get started, a heads up. I’m a Liverpool fan, and the first three entries in this guide might seem to reflect that, but there is no bias here on my behalf, I happen to think that these players are the best in the world in their relevant positions. Also, the likes of RWB and RB will be merged into one category, as will LWB and LB, LF/RF/CF and ST. Well, you get the idea. With all that said, it’s time to have a look at who I think will be the best of the best in FIFA 20 and be warned, not all of you are going to agree with me.

FIFA 20 – The Best Player For Each Position


Goalkeeper: Alisson Becker

According to FIFA 19, Alisson Becker isn’t the best goalkeeper in the world. That honor goes to Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblek. He isn’t even the second-best in the game and only comes in at a lowly eighth, though he is above Ederson. However, after the season he’s had then he has to be seen as everyone’s first choice. He’s won the Champions League, the Golden Glove, and UEFA keeper of the year, and if it wasn’t for Man City and a dodgy spell, Liverpool had he could’ve added a Premier League title to that list. There is an argument to be made that David De Gea should be seen as the top of this list, as he’s Man United’s only real line of defense, but Alison has proven time and again that he’s worthy of his top billing.


Right Back/Wing Back: Trent Alexander-Arnold

There is no better full back in the world today than Trent Alexander-Arnold. He’s such a threat going forward that most teams need to put at least two players on him at all times and his pace and stamina mean that when he’s called upon to do his defensive duties, he’s more than capable of dealing with anyone he’s up against. His OVR potential in FIFA 19 reflects this as he’s an 89, the highest in that position, and the speed with which he has grown into his role means that will need to change in FIFA 20. Don’t be surprised if he’s the first Right Back to break the 90 barriers.


Centre Back/Sweeper: Virgil van Dijk

To claim that Godin, Ramos, and Chiellini are better Centre Backs than Big Virgil is, quite frankly, laughable but that’s what EA did in FIFA 19. In hindsight, this was a monumental mistake and one that will no doubt be rectified in the new game. The £75,000,000 that Liverpool paid Southampton for his services raised a lot of eyebrows at the time but considering just how influential he’s been since donning the red shirt it’s turned out to be the bargain of the decade. Especially considering that Man United paid £80,000,000 for Harry Maguire and still has a back four with bigger holes in it than the Titanic.


Left Back/Wing Back: Alex Sandro

To prove there really is no bias on my part here and I’m not going to fill all these positions with Liverpool players, though I wanted to put Andy Robinson in here, my thought’s on the best Left Back/Wing Back for FIFA 20 is Juventus man, Alex Sandro. Last year it was Jordi Alba that took pride of place atop the heap but as I think he’s always been overrated and that Aymeric Laporte really isn’t a Left Back, then Sandro gets the nod. He’s been inked with the likes of Chelsea and Man United over the past few years and that’s not just because he’s a good looking fella. He’s quality up and down that left-hand side and it’s only a matter of time before EA, and some of the biggest teams in the world, realize that.


Central Defensive Midfielder: N’Golo Kanté

Finally, something that FIFA and myself actually agree on, ratings-wise at least. N’Golo Kanté was the glue that held Leicester City together on their miracle of a title win and is easily the best Central Defensive Midfielder in the game today. Now all that Frank Lampard needs to do is play him in his right position and Chelsea should see their season turn around quite nicely.


Central Midfielder: Sergej Milinković-Savić

Now, I know that this is going to put some noses out of joint, but if you put down the flaming torches for a moment, I can explain. If we’re going by last years database, then this might seem like madness. Modric, Silva, and Busquets are in their 30’s so you can expect to see a drop off in their stats. Kante has already got the CDM position on lockdown, Kroos always flatters to deceive, and if anyone can look me in the eye and tell me Paul Pogba is the best Central Midfielder in the world, without laughing, then I’ll buy them a pint. With all that in mind, and going with a pure CM, then Sergej Milinković-Savić has to be the best in-game, as well as a hell of a long shot for me. He’s already played two Serie A games this season and provided one assist, and the future is bright for this bloke. Now watch as EA blow all this out of the water and give Pogba a 93 rating after the hellish time he’s had at United.


Central Attacking Midfielder: Kevin De Bruyne

Yeah, this is a total no-brainer, and if Kevin De Bruyne isn’t the highest-rated Central Attacking Midfielder in FIFA 20, then I’ll eat my laptop. Moving on.


Right Midfielder/Winger: Lionel Messi

Another entry that might anyone a few of you but not because of who I’ve chosen, I wouldn’t think, but because I’ve lumped Right Midfield and Right Winger in the same category. This is because I play 4-3-3, like most normal people, so I very rarely use Right Midfielders or Left Midfielders for that matter. Either way, if you do use them yourself, and you’ve got the budget, the mercurial Argentinian can quite easily slot in there and as he’s been the highest rated in that position in FIFA games for longer than I can remember then I’d be bloody surprised if that changed this year. Next time out with him staring down the barrel of 34, on the other hand, might be a different story.


Left Midfielder/Winger: Eden Hazard

Have I gone mad??? Have my years of hedonism finally caught up with me??? No Ronaldo or Neymar in this position??? For shame!!! Well, maybe, but let’s look at the facts here. Fake Ronaldo is rightfully considered to be one of the greatest to ever play the game but he’s getting on a bit nowadays, though if you looked at him you’d never guess it, and Neymar is so overrated that he puts Paul Pogba to shame. And Eden Hazard’s on the cover. What do you think EA are going to do? have him sit behind those two?


Centre Forward/Striker: Harry Kane

Confession time here folks. When Harry Kane burst onto the scene, I thought he was going to be a fly by night, a flash in the pan. Oh sure, he had a great first season, but there was no way he could follow it up. Well, he did, and now I look stupid. Sorry, stupider. His gaols and leadership have seen Spurs become a legitimate threat, not only in the Premier League but in Europe as well, and if he doesn’t get the best Centre Froward/Striker rating on FIFA 20, then those that compile the database need to explain themselves to him. Without an umbrella.