How to transfer FIFA 20 Points to FIFA 21

It should be a seamless transition.

Image via EA Sports

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In FIFA’s Football Ultimate Team mode, there are two primary ways to purchase packs. One of those ways is by using Coins, which are earned during FUT action. You could also use Points, which is essentially a virtual form of currency, much like Coins are. But unlike Coins, FIFA Points can’t be earned during games or offline challenges. Rather, Points have to be bought by using real currency.

If you’re an experienced FUT player, you probably know all about this, and you might even have some leftover Points on your account in FIFA 20. You can transfer those Points over to FIFA 21, which launches worldwide on October 9, and this is how you do it.

First off, it’s important to note that you can’t transfer Points through the web or companion apps. You can only move Points over either on your console, or on PC if you are playing FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 on your computer. And, you’ll also need to know that Points can’t be transferred to different consoles. To illustrate, suppose you have leftover Points from a PlayStation 4 copy of FIFA 20. If you plan on shifting those Points over to FIFA 21, a PlayStation copy of FIFA 21 is required.

Now, to shift those Points over to FIFA 21, you will notice a pop-up when you log into FUT for the first time. This pop-up will ask whether or not you want to transfer your FIFA 20 Points over to the new title. Follow the prompts, and you should have those leftover Points in your new FUT account. Keep in mind that once you perform this action, you won’t be able to shift those Points back over to FIFA 20.