FIFA 21 FUT Season 6 Level 15 and 30 Storyline Player Rewards – Which cards should you choose?

New season, new rewards.

Season 6 of FIFA 21 Football Ultimate Team officially went live on May 7, and with it came a few new things to watch. In addition to the launch of two new TOTS Objectives challenges and a couple of SBCs, players can grab two new Storyline players this season, one for reaching Level 15 and one for Level 30.

So, what are the stats for each of the players available? Which ones should you choose? We’ve got both questions covered, so let’s take a look at the Player Rewards for Season 6.

XP Requirements for Season 6

Much like with previous seasons in FIFA 21, FIFA players will need to hit 27,600 XP to get the Level 15 rewards. If you don’t know how to get XP, make sure to complete Objectives and Milestones challenges throughout the season. Objectives and Milestones challenge grant XP, so keep an eye out for those. As for Level 30, FIFA players will need to hit 100,000 XP.

Now that we’ve gone over that, let’s take a look at the rewards for this season, starting with the Level 15 players:

Level 15

Tyler Adams

Screenshot by Gamepur

Marcus Edwards

Screenshot by Gamepur

Christopher Jullien

Screenshot by Gamepur

Level 30

Divock Origi

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ander Herrera

Screenshot by Gamepur

Renan Lodi

Screenshot by Gamepur


As far as the Level 15 rewards go, our recommendation is to go with either Adams or Edwards, with a preference towards Adams. The young American midfielder can slot well with Thomas Muller, Marco Reus, and other Bundesliga studs. On the other hand, Edwards would be a sneaky grab for those looking to build an all-English team, but his stats at this stage of the game are just fine at best.

Now let’s move on to the Level 30 rewards. All three cards look quite good, particularly the Origi and Lodi cards. Our advice is to go with one of those two items, as we believe that Origi’s Belgium and Premier League links and Lodi’s Brazil and LaLiga links look to be the most valuable. However, if you run a Ligue 1-themed team, you really can’t go wrong with Ander Herrera.

This season is slated to expire on June 18.