FIFA 21 FUTTIES Choice Pack: What it is, and which one should you choose?

The Emmys of FIFA are here.

Image via EA Sports

On July 14, EA Sports and the FIFA 21 team announced the start of FUTTIES. The promo kicks off on July 16 and will include several fun new SBCs and potentially some exceptional players in packs. However, the event is getting a bit of pre-launch content in the form of the first FUTTIES vote. How do these work, and which one should you choose? Let’s take a look.


FUTTIES is a quasi-annual promo in FIFA that gives players the chance to vote on different categories. In FIFA 20, the event went by Summer Heat but was essentially the same thing as classic FUTTIES with a few new wrinkles thrown in. Players vote by selecting one card from a player pick between two or more cards. The card that gets the most votes will then get a player SBC that everyone can complete. Last year, we also introduced Showdown SBCs, so we could see some more interesting changes that EA is looking to test out ahead of FIFA 22.

The first category up for votes is a position change. For this, players choose between a left mid version of Real Madrid’s Dani Carvajal and a central defensive mid version of Napoli’s Kostas Manolas. Expect to see several more votes over the course of the event. Last year, for example, EA held votes for weak foot boosts and league upgrades, while FIFA 19 had awards for dynamic dribblers, aerial threats, and more.

Which FUTTIES Nominee should you choose

In general, most players should vote for the player who is more likely to help their team; however, it looks like this year might include an important wrinkle. In the past, these nominee cards were simple loans that couldn’t be used in SBCs. In FIFA 21, EA appears to be giving players full versions of the card. That means picking Carvajal gives you a free 86 OVR card to use in SBCs.

If that doesn’t change, it’s tough to suggest picking Manolas unless you really need another Serie A player to solidify your team. The issue is that he has very low shooting, making him someone that can never join your attack unless he gets a massive boost. That’s not a huge problem for a CDM, but it is certainly something to consider. On the other hand, Carvajal already slots in pretty easily on the wing, especially once he gets a boost to passing. Below, you’ll find both cards full player cards, but remember that these will change if they win the vote.