Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Beach Event Guide

Ever Crisis’s first event is here! Get your water guns, floats, and beach attire ready. Together, we’re going to go over the whole event.

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It hasn’t even been a week, and Square Enix is already spoiling us with new outfits and side stories. It’s no secret that the game is aiming for some of that summer cash with the release of a beach-themed event so late into the fall. We’ll take it, though, as the rewards are too good to pass up, and the thought of Tifa and Red XIII in summer beach gear is every hardcore fan’s dream. There are also some cool modes that have been added, so if you’re looking for more gameplay, there’s still something there for you.

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So, Are The Outfits Good?

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The short answer is yes; the three new outfits for this event are amazing. For those who enjoyed Final Fantasy Crisis Core, you’ll be happy to know that Zack’s famously mad umbrella is back as a unique 5-star weapon. You can also get multiple copies, so if you’re looking for a new main weapon for Zack, it’ll be worth investing in it. Zack also has an outfit reminiscent of the one he had in Crisis Core Reunion.

Tifa and Red XII have their own all-new beach attire, which makes a lot of sense for the characters. Tifa’s outfit is very sporty and takes into account her former bar with a cap displaying the Seventh Heaven logo. Red XIII sports a new mohawk and tribal gear, emphasizing the Native American-ish roots of Cosmo Canyon. Both sets come with a brand new five-star weapon as well, so you’ll be able to kick some tail while looking good doing it.

What Are The Events?

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There are currently two modes happening right now. First, there’s a story to go along with the event, which has to do with the shenanigans of the FF7 cast. While going through that, there’s also a co-op option for those who are looking to jump immediately into the gameplay and don’t worry, the same rules apply to the normal co-op modes. In this case, you’ll be earning watermelons and donuts that you can use to unlock useful stuff like Zack’s Beach Gear and ingredients for upgrading your characters.

What Is the Best Way To Earn Rewards Quickly?

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Rewards for this event are easy to come by. The main thing you need to be wary of is the boosting feature for repeated battles. Square Enix put in a handy function that allows players to get triple the rewards for one run at the cost of triple the stamina. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve been holding on to your stamina boosters, and the co-op mode makes things even easier, as it only takes into account one of your characters for battle power.

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Hopefully, Square Enix is looking to use this formula for future events. The pacing is great, in our opinion, and the rewards seem easy enough to get, at least for Zack. The design of the outfits is amazing, and the overall atmosphere is a welcome change from the somehow gloomy world surrounding Midgar. Now we need something for young Sephiroth to round everything out.