FFVII: Ever Crisis FFIX Crossover Event: Dates, Rewards, Boss, & How To Play

With Final Fantasy IX remake speculations raging, Square Enix has decided to give fans an excellent crossover with FFVII: Ever Crisis.

FFIX Crossover Event Boss

Image via Square Enix

The FFVII: Ever Crisis train has been scooting along without a hitch since its release in early September. Why not add a little Final Fantasy IX to the mix to drum up excitement and earn some cool Vivi outfits?

As fans of Final Fantasy IX, it’s always a good time to hand out fan service rewards such as crossover outfits and weapons. Since FFVII: Ever Crisis release, we’ve been getting some neat stuff, from beach-filled summer events to young Sephiroth and Jack-o’-lanterns! Now it seems Square Enix is rolling up their sleeves and getting busy with more in-universe material featuring aircraft and black mages from the FFIX universe. Here’s what the studio has shared so far.

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What is FFVII: Ever-Crisis FFIX Crossover Event?

Square Enix announced this event to celebrate the collaboration between FFVII: Ever Crisis and FFIX. The developer also discounted Final Fantasy IX for a limited time on iOS and Android. During this event, Black Waltz will appear as a boss in FFVII: Ever Crisis, with characters sporting Final Fantasy IX gear. One of the incredible things showcased in the event’s release trailer was Cloud donning the iconic outfit of Zidane, the main hero from FFIX.

When Does The FFVII: Ever-Crisis FFIX Crossover Event Start?

FFIX Crossover Event Date Revealed
Image via Square Enix

FFIX Crossover Event for FFVII: Ever Crisis begins on November 9, 2023. Square Enix hasn’t announced the ending date for the event, so be sure to jump in soon to get your FFIX goodies. For those of you who’ve saved up some blue crystals until now, you are going to be in a great spot in terms of unlocking all the outfits and weapons.

How To Play The FFVII: Ever-Crisis FFIX Crossover Event

How To Access FFIX Crossover Event in FFVII: Ever Crisis
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can start the FFIX Crossover Event by navigating to the event tab on the main screen. It would only be a complete event in FFVII: Ever Crisis with the addition of more enemies. In this case, it’s the iconic Black Waltz bosses from FFIX. Yes, all three of them will be appearing, as per the details teased in the trailer. It makes sense, seeing as each of them brings unique abilities to the table.

The Black Waltz are a trio of manufactured Black Mages with powerful abilities and unique attributes for their kind. Black Waltz 1 has access to ice powers and can put anyone to sleep with its mysterious bell. Black Waltz 2 is the opposite of fire abilities and prefers to hypnotize opponents into doing its will. Lastly, Black Waltz 3 is the Lightning Master and considers itself invincible.

FFVII: Ever-Crisis FFIX Crossover Event Rewards

FFVII: Ever Crisis FFIX Crossover Event Rewards
Screenshot by Gamepur

Similar to FFVII: Ever Crisis events in the past, the rewards are primarily outfits and weapons associated with the event’s theme, in this case, FFIX. We have yet to get the reward list, but we will update this guide once that information becomes available.

We did get a quick shot of Tifa wearing Amarant’s outfit, who’s a member of Zidane’s party in the game. The main outfits we’re hoping to see are Dagger and Vivi’s attire as an optional banner reward for those who enjoy those characters. As long as we don’t have to see Steiner’s clunky armor set, we’re good!