Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: How to Bypass The Region Lock

Ever Crisis has released worldwide for most players, but some are still looking for a way to get in. Here’s how:

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There seems to have been a concerted effort to keep players from logging into many online titles over the past ten or so years. It’s never fun to be left out of the festivities, so together we will go over the steps to bypassing the region locks that are plaguing a lot of the playerbase. Keep in mind that you’ll need access to the appropriate app along with the internet. Outside of those requirements, everything should be good to go, and before you know it, you’ll be “Buster-Swording” your way through enemies in no time.

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How to play using iOS

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As you may know, Apple is very strict when it comes to using apps on its devices. Luckily, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is on the app store, so the hard part of getting the game onto your device is done for you. Now you’ll just need to get a good VPN to connect to the servers. Here are the steps you need to take to get it done:

  • The first thing you will need to do is download the game on an Apple device.
  • Next, you’ll need to download VPN Tunnel-solo for iOS.
  • Once downloaded, connect to the Australian Server.

After following these steps, you can connect to the server after closing and reopening the app. Be sure to stay connected to the WiFi so you can download the rest of the game. In the beginning, the servers only download what they need to get you through the tutorial. After completing the tutorial, the game will download the rest of the files it needs for the upcoming chapters.

How to play using Android

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For Android users, downloading the app for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a bit more complicated, but if you’re used to using apks on Android, it shouldn’t be too tricky. Here are the steps for accessing the game on Android:

  • Find and download the APK from qooapp.
  • After downloading the apk, download the Australian VPN from the Play Store.
  • Setup the Australian VPN, then open the apk once you install it on your device.

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This should allow you to play the game with no problems as long as you stay connected to the right VPN. The game is still new, so there’s plenty of time to hop in and power up your favorite characters from the Final Fantasy VII universe. Hopefully, Square-Enix will release the title in all the smaller territories soon, so players can get involved easier. Be sure to check back for more Ever Crisis news.