Five Big Changes coming to MyTeam in NBA 2K24

Learn about the most impactful changes coming to the car collecting mode.

Image via 2K

As we inch closer and closer to the launch of NBA 2K24 on September 8, developer Visual Concepts has started delivering deep dives into the different modes in NBA 2K24. 2K has started this year’s mode-specific deep dives with the popular card-collecting mode MyTeam. We’re here to explain some of the most significant changes and what they will mean for you as a player on launch day.

Coach cards have specific activations

Image via 2K

In the past, coach cards were tied to a specific system like the Triangle offense, and they provided very specific stat boosts that were passive the entire game. In NBA 2K24, coach cards now have specific activation and deactivation states. In the example listed above by 2K, you can see that this emerald coach’s effects can only be used in the first half. While it’s sure to add more depth to the strategy of the game, it’s unclear if all coaches will be limited in this way.

Every card has a fixed cost now

One of the biggest shakeups is that 2K is getting rid of the player auction house, and instead, every player will now be purchasable directly. While we don’t know the exact details yet, one of the nice things about this change is that you will now have the ability to complete set collections at any time during the season. This also gets around the WWE 2K problem and lets you still have the specific choice of players that you want.

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Lineups for different team sizes

My team has traditionally had a great lineup builder; the problem is that in the past, it has only had that lineup builder for full 13-man lineups. This year, you are able to use those lineup sorting tools on both three-man and five-man rosters. This should significantly cut down on menu time, allowing players to play more games.

Shoes are now random

One of the more cumbersome parts of MyTeam in the past was putting shoe boosts on blank shoes. This year, shoes will come randomly equipped with a set of stats. Thankfully, you’ll still have the ability to fully customize your shoe with shoe boosts.

XP is now easier to get

In past years, XP in my team has been rewarded through specific objectives that would reward big chunks of XP. While there is still a possibility that these still exist, you now simply earn XP by passively playing the game, thanks to the shared XP path from MyCareer and MyTeam. This will hopefully allow players to pick and choose what they want to do rather than have to hyper-focus on getting specific objectives or players.