The Outer Worlds: How to Get The Flawed Hero Achievement

The Outer Worlds Won't Support Crafting For A Reason

The Outer Worlds is a big RPG game that takes into account how you interact with the environment. The game has now released and comes with a long list of achievements and trophies. One of the mechanics of the open-world affecting your character is the new flawed system and directly connects to an achievement called “Flawed Hero.” With the flaw system, your character will get rewarded for continuously repeating the same negative experiences. Here is how you unlock the achievement or trophy for “Flawed Hero.”

The Outer Worlds – How to Get The Flawed Hero Achievement

You acquire flaws by committing the same harmful task continuously until you get rewarded for being a flawed character. Each flaw will reward you with one perk point and permanently slightly change your attributes negatively. They will also affect your party member’s stats as well. You will not get penalized for rejecting a flaw. Playing on Normal limits the flaws you can unlock to three, playing on Hard is four, and Supernova allows for five flaws.

To get the achievement, all you need to do is acquire any of the three flaws listed below. Getting them takes a bit of time, but once you get the hang of it your character is going to be severely messed up.

So far, the flaws known to be unlockable are:

  • Acrophobia: Acrophobia is acquired after you sustain too much damage from falling. You will take -1 to your Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament.
  • Corrosive Weakness: Take too much corrosive damage in a short time, and you will take corrosive damage 25 percent faster than normal.
  • Cynophobia: Cynophobia happens when you are attacked by Canids too many times. Marauders in the early section of the game will have tamed Canids, but feral ones will be on the prowl for you as well. With this flaw, you take -2 to Perception and -1 to Temperament.
  • Drug Addiction: Like in Fallout, you can become addicted to drugs if you end up taking too many in too short of a time. Drug Addiction will set you back -1 Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament.
  • Herpetophobia: Mantisaurs are large lizard creatures in The Outer Worlds. After too many times encountering them your character will be -1 Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament.
  • Paranoid: Your character will become paranoid if they are caught by guards in Restricted Areas too often. While paranoid, all of your Personality Attributes take a -1.
  • Permanent Concussion: Concussions are no joke in the real world. Now they will affect you for the long haul in video games as well with -1 to all Mind attributes.
  • Permanently Crippled: Taking too much damage to your legs will slow your overall movement speed by 30 percent and take away your ability to dodge.
  • Physical Damage Weakness: Physical Damage is doled out with melee weapons. Take too much melee damage within a certain amount of time and you will take 25 percent damage from Physical Damage.
  • Pithecophobia: Pithecophobia is the fear of apes. Being attacked by too many primals will hit you with -1 Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament.
  • Plasma Weakness: Like Corrosive Weakness, if you take too much plasma damage in a short time, you will become susceptible to receiving 25 percent more damage from plasma weapons.
  • Robophobia: Automechanicals are the robots that inhabit The Outer Worlds. After taking too much damage from robots, your Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament will all take a -1 hit.
  • Raptiphobia: Encountering too many Raptidons throughout your gameplay will set you back -1 to Endurance, Willpower, and Temperament.

After you’ve acquired any of the three flaws from above, you should unlock the achievement shortly thereafter. Your character’s going to be a bit different following these new changes, but it shouldn’t cause you too many troubles. If you want the achievement and not the flaws, you should make sure to save right before getting them. When you have them all, return to the save and you can continue playing the game before they happened.

You can play The Outer Worlds right now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through the Microsoft Store or the Epic Games Store. It will later be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Good luck out there, colonists.